Electric Vehicles at the Donnelly Group

Electric vehicles handle like conventional vehicles but have the extra advantages of being exempt from fuel duty, vehicle excise duty, company car tax, van benefit charge and fuel benefit charge.

Donnelly Group customers can view a selection of electric vehicles from manufacturers such as Citroen, Mitsubishi, Renault, Peugeot, Toyota and Volkswagen. To speak to a member of the Donnelly Electric Vehicle team in Northern Ireland or to arrange a test drive, please contact your nearest showroom.

What is an Electric Vehicle?

Electric vehicles, or "ecars" handle and look like conventional petrol or diesel vehicles but uses advanced technology.

Electric cars use energy stored in rechargeable battery packs, replacing the need for a petrol or diesel engine as a means of moving the car.

It has ultra-low running costs, around one fifth of the cost of a conventional car. You will also be excempt from fuel duty, vehicle excise duty, company car tax, van benefit charge and fuel benefit charge.

Grants and am I Eligible?

From the 1st of September 2014, electric vehicle owners can avail of a grant of up to £900 for the supply and installation of a smart home charging point from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) making it easier to have a chargepoint right at your home or place of work.

Electric vehicle owners will order their charge point from a list of accredited suppliers who will then install the charge point. After installation and commissioning, the charge point supplier will re-claim the grant and OLEV will reimburse the supplier with the cost.

Local Electric Vehicle Specialists?

To speak to a dedicated Donnelly electrical vehicle specialist at Donnelly Group please call any of our showrooms on the below numbers. Our electric vehicle teams are fully trained and dedicated to finding you a suitable vehicle to match your needs.

  • Belfast (Boucher Road) – 028 9590 7858
  • Belfast (Mallusk) – 028 9590 7856
  • Ballymena - 028 2544 0047
  • Dungannon -028 8744 0401
  • Eglinton - 028 7122 0502
  • Enniskillen - 028 6633 0308
Red Volkswagen

Northern Ireland Charge Point Map

Northern Ireland has a network of electric vehicle charging points in a number of towns and cities, there are now 334 charge points in NI's charging infrastructure including 160 fast charge points.

Each fast public charge point has two connections, enabling two vehicles to charge at once which are marked by the green 'e-car' logo on the map above. There are also a total of 14 rapid charge points installed, which are marked by the blue 'e-car' logo. Rapid charge means you will gain approximately 80% charge from flat in around 20 minutes.

Northern Ireland Map