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At Donnelly Group, our aim is to ensure your car or van is maintained to the highest level of quality possible. Our manufacturer trained technicians utilise manufacturer approved parts as wel as diagnostic equipment making sure your vehicle warranty is kept in place and to help identify any potential areas we think you should be aware of. The result is your vehicle runs as efficiently is possible, remains as safe as possible and means your motoring experience is worry free. To learn more about servicing at Donnelly Group, there are a number of frequently asked questions below or you can request a service online.

Why Choose Donnelly Group

As a main dealer and authorised representative for 18 global manufacturers, Donnelly Group is always here to support motorists in Northern Ireland. Our service centres are equipped to inspect, maintain and repair cars and commercial vehicles. As we’re approved by each carmaker, you can place complete trust in us for repairs and other work following a breakdown or incident on the road.

At each dealership, the technicians who run our service centres have received full training and knowledge from the relevant manufacturer. They will know your model’s components and inner workings completely, whether you own a compact family car, executive saloon or commercial van. Leave the vehicle in their capable hands – you can rely on their precise work, expertise and thorough care.

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We provide servicing for all makes and models, new and used, not to mention we are also a manufacture approved service centre for Skoda, situated in our Donnelly Volkswagen Service Centre in Mallusk. Each of our service centres across our 8 locations, are fully equipped with the latest manufacture approved diagnostic and repair equipment. these innovative tools enable the team to quickly find, identify and resolve any issues with your vehicle. Your technician can also check performance levels and update your digital service history records where applicable.

Book your car or commercial vehicle in for its next service with any Donnelly Group team today. You can do so online via the enquiry form provided, or by calling or visiting your nearest dealership.

Benefits of a Main Dealer Service

Having your vehicle regularly checked and maintained by a main dealer – such as any of our Donnelly Group locations – benefits both you and your car significantly. We service cars and commercial vehicles at our state-of-the-art facilities across Northern Ireland. All technicians at main dealers are fully trained by the relevant manufacturer, and each of our dealerships is authorised to represent a world-renowned brand. The technicians at every service centre understand all models inside and out, from sporty hatchbacks and high-tech saloon cars to large vans, commercial vehicles and pick-ups. You can trust them to work to the precise standards you expect and to treat your vehicle with the utmost care. You can always be sure that the service has been carried out correctly and in full.

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What our service includes

Each time that you return to us for expert, manufacturer-standard servicing, you can be certain that you will receive thorough care. Enjoy all of the following advantages at Donnelly Group.

Our service centres are equipped with cutting-edge diagnostic equipment and machines. These are custom-built to inspect and analyse the components, inner workings and performance of your car or van. Using these tools, we can quickly build a picture of how the vehicle currently operates and identify any issues.

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Why use manufacturer approved parts

Over time, your car or van will naturally incur wear and tear on the key components. These frequently include the brake pads, tyres, fuel and oil lines, light bulbs and more. When such items need to be replaced, always look for genuine parts direct from the manufacturer.

These parts are made to the highest quality, designed to fit perfectly, operate precisely and safely, and prolong the running life of your model. They will work first time, maintaining the performance you’ve come to expect from the vehicle you own. Items from other sources may not work as effectively, leading to slower running, higher fuel consumption or a drop in overall efficiency. With authentic components, this is not the case – your vehicle will run just as it should.

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All new and Approved Used cars purchased from a main dealer come with a warranty. This cover affords you protection against future costs of maintenance, servicing and repairs which will inevitably be needed for your car or commercial vehicle over time. It typically lasts for a set time period or mileage limit, which vary between manufacturers. Having your vehicle serviced or maintained at a garage which is not authorised by the manufacturer could invalidate your warranty. The quality of the work may also be in doubt, and further issues down the line may become more expensive to rectify. These concerns can be avoided by always booking in for servicing with a main dealer for your make and model, such as one of our Donnelly Group locations.

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Why We Use Castrol Professional Oil

An oil change is an essential part of any routine service. Over time as the engine parts rub together particles of soot and metal create a “sludge” that begins to circulate in the oil, scraping against components and causing damage to the mechanism. It is therefore essential to both have the oil in your car or van changed regularly and to use a high-quality product when replacing it that protects your engine in-between services, which is why the Donnelly Group dealerships throughout Northern Ireland always use Castrol Professional synthetic oils.

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Donnelly Group Accident Management Programme

Unfortunately, accidents happen. In the event of the unexpected, we’re here to support you and keep you mobile fault or non fault. By calling us immediately after the accident:

We will repair your vehicle to our high standards maintaining its safety and integrity. If the accident wasn’t your fault we can arrange to keep you mobile in a vehicle similar to your own for the duration of the repair*

Putting you first in the event of an accident

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Donnelly Group Fixed Service Plans

Benefit from a Donnelly Service plan starting from only £13.00^per month over 2 years. This will ensure your servicing costs are fixed for 2 years, protecting you against any parts, labour and oil increases.

State-of-the-art diagnostics, service and repair facilities within our service centres enable us to pinpoint any faults or issues and get them resolved quickly. We can also update any digital service history records and run performance checks while you wait.

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Wind Screen Replacement | National Windscreens

We have set up a great service for our customers in partnership with National Windscreens. Should you be unfortunate enough to damage your windscreen all you need to do is call your local Donnelly dealership and we can arrange repair or replacement of your windscreen at a time and place that suits you. Our dedicated National windscreen partner will deal directly with your insurance company making the process seamless for you. Did you know that National Windscreens can also repair stone chips on windscreens? This can avoid you having to replace the complete windscreen and this repair could be free of charge as most insurance companies provide this cover free.

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