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At all Donnelly Group service centres in Northern Ireland, our teams
use only genuine parts for the relevant makes and models. Using knowledge passed down from the manufacturer and the latest equipment, our fully-qualified, and manufacturer approved technicians fit these components and maintain your vehicle at regionally competitive prices.

Genuine manufacturer parts are made to the highest quality, designed to fit perfectly, operate precisely and safely as well as prolong the running life of your
vehicle- maintaining the performance you’ve come to expect from your vehicle.

Non-genuine parts may not work as effectively, leading to slower running, higher fuel consumption or a drop in overall efficiency and could invalidate any
applicable warranty cover on the vehicle, leaving you liable for higher costs
of future servicing and maintenance. As well as this, when authentic
manufacturer parts have been used to maintain the vehicle, the residual value
will remain higher overall than if cheaper items are fitted.

Parts & Accessories

Castrol Oil

Castrol is the world’s largest producer of automotive lubricants, and sell a vast range of motor oils suited to the specific needs of any class of vehicle. Castrol Professional are the oils recommended by many manufacturers, as they are designed to their specifications and help keep your vehicle in top condition.

At Donnelly Group our technicians always use high-quality Castrol Professional products when carrying out an oil change. The attributes of different kinds of engine lubricant have particular benefits for ordinary passenger vehicles, high-performance cars, or SUVs designed for off-road driving.

Through the exclusive use of these effective synthetic oils, we can ensure that your vehicle’s engine will always perform at its best after a service at our garages.

Donnelly Group Online Parts Store

We strive to provide a hassle free parts service, enabling you to order online or via phone and receive delivery of your order fast, and free.

We have created an online parts store, so you can find what you need as easily, and quickly as possible, at competitive prices with 100% confidence!

Find all your genuine parts & accessories, hassle free and at competitive prices here.

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