Overlander Vehicles at Donnelly Group

The next generation lightweight 2-stall horsebox – from Overlander Vehicles

Now available at Donnelly Group – the Overlander R160 2-Stall Horsebox, a premium Equestrian vehicle manufactured in Northern Ireland.

Overlander Vehicles are a leading manufacturer of specialist vehicles with an unrelenting drive to design and build a new standard of equestrian transport.

With over five years of research & development, the Overlander R160 2-Stall Horsebox has been designed from the ground up with the horse in mind by a team of experienced engineering using advanced materials and market leading engineering.

Featuring a robust but easy to use composite stall system, advanced ventilation, reinforced bodywork and a sealed floor system, the R160 maintains a healthy payload.

The Overlander R160 is now available to test drive at Donnelly Group locations in Dungannon, Eglinton, Enniskillen and Mallusk. Donnelly Group is the official retail partner and distributor of Overlander Vehicles in Northern Ireland.