Hybrids Available on the Motability Scheme

If the electric car range is something that concerns you, but you still want to move towards an electric vehicle then a hybrid could be the perfect solution. Hybrid cars have many advantages over regular combustion engine vehicles, such as being more environmentally friendly and in many cases, cheaper to run. With the new car market becoming more established, many types of plug-in, mild, and self-charging hybrid vehicles are now available on the Motability scheme.

Find out more below about the different types of hybrid vehicles available to help decide which option is right for you.

Plug-In Hybrid

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) are hybrids that need to be plugged in to charge the battery. A PHEV uses a larger battery that allows for a higher electric-only range (between 25-50 miles). If you’re running low on electric, you can still run it using the petrol or diesel engine which takes away the range anxiety that comes with a fully electric vehicle.

PHEV’s are a popular choice among Motability scheme customers as they offer a greener option for those not ready to commit to a BEV.

If you opt for a plug-in hybrid, you need to have access to a charging point. These vehicles will benefit from routine charging, so having access to one at your home is also preferable. If you wish to install a charger at your home, you have to cover the cost. Free home charging points on the Motability scheme are only available with fully electric vehicles.

Self-Charging Hybrid

Self-charging or full hybrids use the engine of a vehicle and an electric motor to power the car either simultaneously or independently (at lower speeds). This is one of the most common types of hybrid available on the market.

Full hybrids are a good option for Motability customers who cover lots of miles as they automatically recharge their battery while out on the road without the need to be plugged in like a PHEV or BEV.

Mild Hybrid

Mild hybrids are similar to self-charging hybrids, but they use a smaller electric motor that is used only to assist the efficiency of the engine. Mild hybrids cannot use electric to power the vehicle alone.

Mild hybrids may not offer the same fuel efficiency as a self-charging hybrid or plug-in hybrid, but they still offer increased fuel savings when compared to conventional petrol or diesel-powered cars.

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Plug-in, Mild, and Self-Charging Hybrid Vehicles Available on the Motability Scheme at Donnelly Group