Is an Electric Van the Right Choice for You?

From less emissions to government funding, electric charging, and battery range, there is a lot to consider when making the switch to an electric van.

How does an electric van work?

Similarly to all electric vehicles, electric vans are powered by a battery and typically operated using a single electric motor.

There are many options for charging an electric van, including a home charging unit, a domestic plug, or a public charging station, meaning you can choose the option that works best for you or combine a number of methods for the ultimate convenience.

Battery range

Range anxiety can be a major factor in the decision to make the switch to electric, but the abundance of charging points across Northern Ireland and the increased range on many new models means this will soon be a worry of the past.

Electric vans have a mileage rate of up to 300 miles before needing recharged and with the average van driver cruising approximately 70 miles a day, your electric van will have battery to spare!

Low maintenance

Made with advanced technology, electric vans have fewer mechanical components compared to traditional fuel-powered vans.

There is no oil, spark plug, transmission fluid or drive belt changes with electric vans, which means less maintenance and repairs for the driver.

Going green

Electric, and hybrid, vehicles release low to zero emissions, helping you play your part in reducing your impact on the planet.

Not only will your air pollution contribution decrease, but electric vans emit much less noise than their traditional counterparts, leading to less noise pollution too.

In fact, electric vans are proving so beneficial that the Government will give discount on the price of some brand new models, in addition to providing a grant for the installation of an at home charger.

Which electric van should I choose?

At Donnelly Group we have a wide variety of electric vans to suit your needs, regardless of your budget.

Simply visit our website or call in to your local showroom to find an electric van that meets your requirements.

To discover how Donnelly Group can help you find the right electric van, get in touch today.