A Guide to Maintaining Your Electric Vehicle

Made with advanced technology and fewer components than traditional fuel-powered cars, electric cars tend to be less costly to maintain and service.

However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t require a quick check-up from time to time.

Not only will regular maintenance keep drivers safe but will also help extend the lifespan of the vehicle, preserve its resale value, and enhance the driving experience.

What maintenance do electric vehicles require?

Electric vehicles tend to be more straight-forward to service than traditional fuel-powered cars, as typically they only consist of 20 components compared to 2,000 in a traditional fuel-powered car.

However, there are specific components of an electric vehicle that need to be assessed and serviced, on average, every two years. These services include an MOT, windscreen wiper replacement, tyre depreciation, tyre pressure checks, and brake fluid changes.

It is important to ensure the battery of an electric vehicle stays in top condition to avoid any mechanical issues.

What about hybrid vehicles?

Both electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles share very similar components as they both have electric motors and lithium-ion batteries.

However, hybrid cars also have internal combustion engines, similar to those of petrol and diesel cars, and therefore, share a similar maintenance routine as traditional models.

Here are five helpful tips on maintaining and servicing a hybrid car.

  • Battery maintenance – it’s important to allow the battery to drain to at least 20% before charging in order to ensure the battery is able to fulfil its life span which is, on average, 7-10 years
  • Car fluid check – hybrid cars need regular oil changes as well as needing to check coolant, engine oil and brake fluid
  • Inspect brakes and tyres – tyres must have a tread depth of 2/32 and its important to ensure your brakes are in working condition to prevent accidents and damage to the hybrid vehicle
  • Attend to symbols and abnormal sounds – if a symbol appears on the dashboard, it’s essential to find a secure place to stop and read the instructions manual to assess the situation
  • Cooling system check – overtime coolant breaks down and deposits into the radiator which can be flushed out and refilled with clean fluid

Where can I get my hybrid or electric vehicle serviced?

All electric drivers can avail of Donnelly Group’s services, which are carried out by trained technicians.

Donnelly Group technicians have access to repair databases and technical centres which ensures any potential issues are resolved with minimum disruption to your routine.

With nine locations across Northern Ireland, you are never far from a site that suits your needs.

To discover how Donnelly Group can help you find the electric vehicle to suit your needs, get in touch today.