Why There Has Never Been a Better Time to Sell Your Van

Selling your van can be stressful, as there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration.

What is the vehicle worth? What documents are needed? Where do you find a buyer?

Donnelly Group can make the process of selling your van hassle-free.

Straightforward process

Forget the lengthy process of sourcing potential buyers, taking photos, and arranging test drives.

Selling your van through Donnelly Group is quick and easy, saving you both time and effort.

Plus, with nine convenient locations across Northern Ireland, you won’t need to go too far for a chat to one of our valuation experts.

Online quotes within the hour

If you are curious to see how much your van is worth, but can’t make it to one of our showrooms, simply submit an application online and receive an initial quote within an hour.

Alternatively, one of our experienced team members can meet you at a location of your choice to provide a professional valuation.

Instant payment

After our experts have checked your vehicle and the paperwork has been signed, we guarantee that you will receive payment within 24 hours.

Donnelly Group is always on the lookout for vans of all makes, models, and designs, so we pay the top prices. You can also avoid any third party fees that you would normally incur through an external buyer.

Help with outstanding finance

Worried about outstanding finance? No need, as Donnelly Group buy vans with outstanding finance.

Simply provide details of the settlement amount at your valuation appointment and the team at Donnelly Group will be more than happy to help.

To sell your van fast and at a fair price with Donnelly Group, visit your local showroom or find out more.

View the full terms and conditions for our car and van buying service here.