Donnelly Car & Van Buying Service - We Want Your Vehicle!

Introducing the Donnelly Car & Van Buying Service, a service dedicated to buying cars or vans that you are ready to part with. Selling your car to Donnelly Group is safe, easy, and a cost-effective alternative to selling your car through a private advertisement.

Not only that, we offer a hassle-free and efficient process with the guarantee that you are selling your vehicle to a trusted and reputable dealer within Northern Ireland. We are currently interested in all makes and models of vehicles.

As the largest independently owned vehicle group in Northern Ireland, and the only dealer group with locations conveniently situated across the province, you can visit any of our showrooms with any make and model of car or van. By selling your car to your local Donnelly Group showroom, we can save you a long trip! We pride ourselves in having a specialist valuation team on hand at every location for this service that has extensive knowledge of the current car market, and who are committed to offering a fair valuation for your vehicle.

Valuations Criteria

If you need help deciding on the condition of your car or van is, you can use the same valuations criteria our teams use which includes three different grades for condition, categorised below:


Vehicle bodywork free of damage Vehicle bodywork free of damage Vehicle bodywork is damaged
The vehicle's paint is paint guard protected Paintwork needs minor repairs/Paintwork untreated Paintwork needs major repairs
The vehicle is mechanically sound with no leaks or excess wear The vehicle has no leaks or excessive mechanical wear, however, there is some general wear and tear Excessive mechanical wear with leaks
The vehicle has a full, documented service history The vehicle has evidence of some service history No service history
Alloy wheels or wheel trims are free of any scuffs or damage Alloy wheels or wheel trims have minor scuffs Wheels are damaged
Tyre tread is above 5mm Tyre tread is above the legal limit Tyre tread is below the legal minimum
No damage to the interior or glass of the vehicle Interior needs to be cleaned, with no major repairs. Glass is not damaged. Interior and glass damage
Your vehicle has more than 6 months remaining on its MOT Your vehicle has at less than 6 months remaining on its MOT Little or no MOT remaining
The vehicle has 2 keys The vehicle has two keysThe vehicle has 1 key
The vehicle has no electrical faults The vehicle has no electrical faults The vehicle has major electric faults

Sell Your Car or Van in 4 Simple Steps

Step 1: Tell Us More About Your Vehicle

You can use our online valuation enquiry form to capture all the details required and will only take a few minutes for you to complete. Alternatively, you can call your local showroom for more information and to arrange an appointment.

What do we need to know? Tell us your vehicle registration, make, model, current mileage, and the condition of the vehicle (using our valuation criteria). If you wish to include any further details that may be helpful to giving us a better understanding of the condition of your car, please do so in the message box.

We then need your contact details and for you to let us know which location suits you best for the appropriate team to get in touch.

Once you submit your form, you will then receive an automated response confirming your enquiry has been successfully delivered to the appropriate team.

Step 2: Quote within 1 Hour**

Once we have assessed your details, a member of our team will then provide you with an indicative quote for your vehicle within one hour** via email. From there, we will get in touch to arrange a convenient appointment to settle the sale of your car or van. If you can’t make it to one of our showrooms, please let us know and we will do our best to meet at a convenient location for you.

Step 3: Your Appraisal Appointment

One of our friendly valuation experts will check your car to make sure its condition matches the information you’ve given us. Once your viewing is complete and both parties are happy with the valuation, we can then complete the transaction quickly and securely with no transaction fees. If you have outstanding finance on your car, we will also be able to help settle this for you*.

Step 4: Payment Within 24 Hours^

You don’t have to wait on your payment as we are committed to payment within 24 hours^ for all vehicles purchased under the Donnelly Car & Van Buying Service! (Terms and conditions apply)

Donnelly Car & Van Buying Service Promise: Why You Should Sell Your Car to Us

The Donnelly Car & Van Buying Service has a specialist trade team across Northern Ireland with extensive experience in the motor industry that will give the most accurate and fair valuation of your car.

Unlike other car buying schemes in Northern Ireland, you are able to sell to any of our showrooms which are conveniently situated across the province to ensure you don’t have a long trip to sell your vehicle!

Firm & Guaranteed Price

By coming straight to Donnelly Group, we will help you avoid the additional fees that come with using third-party websites and promise to give you a personalised valuation that offers both a firm and guaranteed price (subject to viewing your vehicle). All prices given will reflect the mileage, age, and condition of your vehicle. We also offer no transaction fees!

Specialist Valuation Team Across Northern Ireland

We pride ourselves in having a specialist team on-hand at every location with extensive knowledge of the current market and who are committed to offering a friendly and professional service.

Once you submit your vehicle enquiry form, your vehicle details will be valued by a specialist member of the team and will aim to have a quote to you within 1 hour** via email. We then get in touch regarding an appraisal appointment and we will work with you to find a convenient time and location to view your vehicle.

No Obligation Necessary

No obligation is necessary. Trade-Ins are welcome or you can simply sell the car to us! Either way, we will ensure you get a fair price for your vehicle.

Outstanding Finance Settled*

If you have any outstanding finance on the car, we can also help settle this for you. We will simply deduct the amount from the selling price of your vehicle and if required, pay you the difference. Please note you must bring your settlement amount from the finance provider.

Hassle-Free, Quick & Easy Process

Once you have submitted your valuation enquiry form and received your indicative price, you then have the option to bring your vehicle to any of our 9 convenient locations in Northern Ireland. Or if you prefer, we are happy to arrange a time and location to come to you. Once the price has been agreed, we will then transfer money for same-day payment (terms and conditions apply). Hassle-free, quick, and easy!

What Do I Need to Know Before Bringing My Car In?

Before bringing in your car or van, you will need your V5 form for us to be able to buy your car. If you have lost your current V5, you will need to order a new one from the DVLA website before bringing your car to us. If you have a cherished plate, you can still sell your car with us and we can assist in handling this – please contact our team for more information, see our terms and conditions for more information, additional fee applies.

If you have outstanding finance on your car, we will be able to settle this for you – all we need is for you to bring your settlement information from your finance provider.

Bereavement & Selling a Deceased Person’s Car

The death of a family member, partner or friend is a tough time for anyone. Sadly, an essential task is to sort out the deceased’s financial affairs, which may often include their vehicle. With the Donnelly Car & Van Buying Service, our teams will endeavour to make this a quick and easy process for you. In order to sell a car on behalf of the deceased, we will need proof of identity, if you need any further assistance on what is needed please reach out to our team.

Want to sell your car or van fast?

The Donnelly Car & Van Buying Service has been designed to offer everyone a valuation that is both fair and honest, so if you’re looking to sell your car quickly to a local and reputable business within Northern Ireland, fill in our form today or contact our teams for more information. Available across all of our locations in Northern Ireland: Ballymena, Bangor, Belfast, Derry/Londonderry, Dungannon, Enniskillen, and Mallusk.

* If your vehicle is subject to finance we may assist you with redeeming such amounts but this must be disclosed in full to us at an early stage.

**Quote will arrive within one hour during showroom working hours, any valuation enquiries submitted outside of our showroom opening hours will have a quote the following morning. Quotes are indicative and subject to viewing.

^ We will endeavour to make payment the next working day, subject to banking practices.