Manufacturer Approved Parts at Donnelly Group in Northern Ireland

Donnelly Group - Manufacturer Approved Parts

Having genuine replacement parts fitted also means that such work is completed within the applicable warranty on your vehicle. Inferior parts could invalidate this cover, leaving you liable for higher costs of future servicing and maintenance.

Another future concern is the retained value of your model when you decide to sell on or make a part exchange. When authentic parts have been used to maintain the vehicle, the residual value will remain higher overall than if cheaper items are fitted.

At all Donnelly Group service centres in Northern Ireland, our teams use only genuine parts for the relevant makes and models. Using knowledge passed down from the manufacturer and the latest equipment, our fully-qualified technicians fit these components and maintain your vehicle at regionally competitive prices.

Learn more about the authentic parts available for your vehicle – speak with the team at your closest Donnelly Group dealership. Please call us, pay a visit to any of our Northern Ireland locations, or send an enquiry online at any time.


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