New Vehicle Payment Introduced by Motability Scheme

With rising everyday living costs, the Motability scheme has introduced a £250 New Vehicle Payment, with the idea that customers will be able to make the most out of their car on the scheme.

Who is eligible?

Customers newly joining the scheme during 2022 will receive this New Vehicle Payment when they take delivery of their new car, so if you take delivery of your first vehicle in 2022 or place an order during 2022, you will be eligible to receive this £250 New Vehicle Payment.

For anyone that is already a customer as of 31 December, 2021 will also become eligible for the payment when they take delivery of their next vehicle, whenever that may be.

When will you receive your payment?

You will receive this payment shortly after you take delivery of your new vehicle. The payment is only available once per customer and the quickest way for you to receive it is by bank transfer.

Placed an order in 2021, but still waiting to take delivery?

If you placed an order last year and are still waiting on it to be delivered, you will be eligible for this payment. The payment will be made within a few days of you taking delivery of your new vehicle or product.

Placed an order in January 2022?

If you placed an order in January 2022, the Motability scheme will be starting to make payments to those customers who have already taken delivery of a product this year so far.

I want to join the scheme, but not ready to place an order. When I am ready, what will happen if my vehicle isn't due to arrive until 2023?

There's no rush to place an order if you're not ready. If you need help when looking at cars on the scheme, do not hesitate to get in touch with our Motability team. As long as you place your order before the end of 2022, you will still be eligible for this payment.

I took delivery before the end of 2021, can I get the payment?

If you have already taken delivery of your vehicle before the end of 2021, you will not receive this payment until you come to collect your next vehicle. Even if you do not collect your next vehicle for a number of years you still qualify for this payment, provided you were a customer on the scene as of 31 December 2021.

Will this payment affect my Good Condition Bonus?

No, this is a separate payment and will not affect the eligibility for the Good Condition Bonus.

If you require more information on the New Vehicle Payment, would like to find out whether you're eligible to join the Motability scheme or what the latest offers are, get in touch with our Motability Specialists today. Available across 9 locations in Northern Ireland.

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