Local Entrepreneur Paves Way for Growth​​

Coalisland tarmac specialist Daniel Coleman has announced plans to expand his services and target new markets in response to demand for his unique Blacktop Driveway Sealer.

Developed as a DIY product, Daniel recognised demand for application of the product and diversified in order to cater to this demand.

Blacktop Driveway Sealer Founder Daniel Coleman said:

“My initial aim was to develop a product that would rejuvenate tarmac for customers in a cost-effective way and without them having to invest in a new driveway.

“With many similar products on the market, it was important this was different and of a superior quality.

“The end result was an innovative resin-based product that is absorbed into the tarmac, rather than sitting on the surface like paint, which retains the original texture of the surface and looks like new tarmac. This means the tarmac is rejuvenated without the need to take it up which will save customers a lot of money.

“The Blacktop Driveway Sealer has proved extremely popular for both trade and DIY domestic use throughout the island of Ireland and right across the UK, however in recent months a demand for specialist application of the product was identified.

“Since then I have invested in new spraying machinery to meet this demand for customers.”

Daniel selected Donnelly Group as vehicle supplier of choice to help meet the increased demand across the island of Ireland.

The entrepreneur has taken receipt of his first vehicle, a Vauxhall Vivaro from the Donnelly Group’s M1 Complex in Dungannon.

“Investing in our first vehicle is a milestone moment as it will not only provide transport to and from jobs applying the product for customers, but it also ensures the product is delivered to DIY customers in a timely manner.

“The Vauxhall Vivaro met my requirements of low running costs and a practical load area without compromising on comfort or reliability.

“Terence and the team at Donnelly Group were extremely helpful taking the time to understand our needs and advise on suitable vehicles. Whilst this is our first vehicle on the road, I hope to grow the team and fleet in the near future.”

The vehicle was handed over by Terence Donnelly, Chairman of Donnelly Group, Northern Ireland’s largest family-owned motor retailer, who said:

“We have a longstanding relationship with the Coleman family over the past 35 years.

“As a family business we are always keen to support other local family businesses and were delighted to help Daniel get on the road with the practical Vivaro and wish him all the very best with his new venture.”

The product can be purchased at and more information can be found by contacting or visiting