Breaking down is never convenient but the inconvenience and dangers multiply in the cold, dark winter months.

There are however a number of ways you can reduce your chances of breaking down, and thus staying safe on the roads this winter.

Before embarking on a long journey, or a journey in the dark alone, complete the following checks on your vehicle.

✓ Fuel

This one seems obvious, but check you have enough fuel to complete your journey. Factor in some contingency fuel to take any unexpected diversions into consideration.

✓ Battery

The increased use of lights and heating in winter can put extra strain on the battery of a car. Batteries have an effective life of around five years, but if you have an concerns please get this checked at the earliest convenience.

✓ Oil

Low levels of oil can lead to a breakdown or catastrophic engine damage at worst. Your oil level should be between the minimum and maximum level on the dipstick and your vehicle handbook will explain which type of oil should be used.

✓ Tyre Tread Depth and Tyre Pressure

Tyres should be checked regularly for pressure, tears, cracks and bulges. Tread is essential for traction and grip and you should have 3mm of tread on your tyres in winter months.

The correct inflation levels will be included in your vehicle handbook.

✓ Wiper Blades

Additional precipitation in winter months puts further pressure on your blades which aren’t made to last forever.

Check these regularly for splits and cracks to ensure you can see clearly when driving through rain, hail or snow.

✓ Wiper Fluid

With the wetter winter weather comes additional dirt and filth on the road.

Checking your levels of wiper fluid will maintain visibility even with as muddy splashes hit the windscreen.

✓ Electrics and bulbs

Your lights are crucial to staying safe on the road on dark winter days. Take some time to regularly checking all the lights are working.

Condensation and dirt can mask the brightness of headlights and brake lights. The glass should be wiped with a damp cloth before driving in the dark.

If you are unsure how to carry out any of the above checks, get in contact with your local Donnelly Group location to book a Winter Health Check of your vehicle for just £19.99.

Winter Heath Check at Donnelly Group

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