Take Your Electric Vehicle Further​

Electric vehicles are capable of ever-increasing ranges from a full charge.

However, there are ways you can conserve power and take your electric vehicle even further on one charge

1. Steady Take Off

Accelerating quickly will also accelerate the drainage of your vehicle's battery. Your battery power will thank you for slow and steady starts.

2. Manage your Speed

Reducing your speed by 10mph could also allow your vehicle to use up to 14% less energy. Needless to say, if your vehicle has a 'sport' driving mode that will use more power than 'eco' or 'normal' modes.

3. Cool Down

Running the heater, especially on full power, puts a drain on battery power. Pre-heating your vehicle while it is plugged in is much more energy efficient. If your vehicle is equipped with heated seats or steering wheel, this also can use more energy than the main heating.

Likewise, air conditioning consumes electric power. Driving with the windows open is an alternative to keep cool whilst conserving energy.

4. Keep an eye on your Tyres

Driving an electric vehicle with under-inflated tyres will consume more battery power than is necessary and can even lead to premature tyre wear. Check the air pressure of your tyres regularly to enjoy optimum battery range.

5. Travel Light

Reducing the weight of any vehicle is an easy way to boost efficiency. Emptying any non-essential items out of your car or boot before travelling can see your vehicle go further on one charge.

6. Plan Ahead

Planning a route which includes roads with lower speed limits can boost the range of your battery. If your vehicle has a navigation system that suggest energy-efficient routes that avoid congested areas, make a habit of consulting it.

7. Timing is Everything

Your battery will be at full strength at the moment it finishes charging. After that it will slowly self-discharge. Coordinating the timing of your battery completing its charge and the start of your journey will add some extra miles to the charge.

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