Name: Erika Hudakova

​Position: Jaguar Land Rover Showroom Host 

When did you join?

October 2017

Has your role changed since then and how?

When I joined the company first I was a host for Landrover in the original showroom before the move to the new Jaguar Landrover building in 2018.

My job has always been focussed on greeting customers, and creating a welcoming environment while the customer is waiting to see a member of the sales or after sales team.I also take calls for the whole team.

Since we moved to the new building we now have Jaguar in our product offer too. My role has expanded with a higher volume of customers for both sales and after sales. I welcome customers as I always did but now I get to know a little bit more about the customer needs, and then I can direct them to the right person.

What do you enjoy best about your role?

I have always thought ‘choose the job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life’. This is so true for me. I absolutely love my job and I feel so much part of the family. I love being busy and love being part of the team. I love the fact that every day in business is different, I love the variety in the job and above all else I love people, I am definitely a people person.

I also love the relationships that so many customers have with Donnellys. So many of our customers tell me stories about their relationship with Terence, Raymond and their father Peter as well as stories of the old days in Caledon. I love being part of a real family business.

When I first came to Northern Ireland 15 years ago I didn’t speak English. I was very homesick for years, but since I started to work with Donnellys that all changed.Home isn’t just a place, it’s a feeling, and for anyone reading this that is working abroad, they will understand that home has more than one definition. I will never forget the opening day of the new showroom when Terence said to me, ‘Erika this is your new home now’ and it is.

What do you think are the qualities and skills needed to do your role?

The core skills are customer service expertise, people person, professionalism, ability to multitask, and high energy. Fundamentally the most important characteristic of a good hostess must be to have a genuinely welcoming personality. Essentially my role is all about hospitality, totally focussed on customer service, making the customer experience the best it is possible to be. I know I am a warm person, I find it natural to be welcoming (my son tells me that all the time and he is always right).

What do you like to do in your spare time?

My husband, my son, our dog and I are a tight team. We love to run together, and we have done lots of charity runs together, even a half marathon.

We love to walk our English Bulldog Coco (Chanel) in Dungannon Park. We all love Coco so much, she makes us laugh every day, she is family therapy!

I am from Slovakia which is a landlocked country, so we absolutely love to get to the beach. We go to the North Coast and Donegal regularly. We all love to smell the sea and to hear the rolling waves.

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