For all life's journeys. The new Tiguan

Life is varied and full of surprises. The new Tiguan helps you to confidently tackle almost any challenge thanks to its extensive and innovative equipment features. It captivates with a design that is both emotional and dynamic in equal measure.

Key Features:

​Digital cockpit pro

Configure your high-resolution 10.2 inch Digital Cockpit Pro yourself with ease for every situation. 

Would you prefer just to see the speed and mileage display? Or maybe you’d like other journey-related data? Or a map of your route? Or the title of the track you’re listening to right now? Or a combination of all of these? It’s truly all in your hands: the right display in every situation. Configure your high-resolution 10.2 inch Digital Cockpit Pro yourself with ease, so that it’s exactly the way you want it.


The new Tiguan welcomes you at a whole new level. And we don’t just mean its high-quality interior. The centre console offers new functions, the optional Discover Pro Max navigation system with 15 inch infotainment display and the integrated tablet holder in the centre armrest of the second row of seats. Not forgetting the background lighting, which is available optionally, with up to 30 colours, as well as illuminated decorative elements on the dash panel and front doors. A successful combination of progress and comfort: the new Tiguan.


With its sporty and striking design, the new Tiguan leaves no room for doubt: this is an SUV that is ready for whatever everyday life brings. Its new silhouette is characterised by powerful proportions and dynamic lines. Progressive design highlights such as newly crafted front section with optional IQ.LIGHT HD matrix headlights, the muscular rear section with LED light strip and a selection of new wheel rims underscore its superiority. In short, the new Tiguan impresses in every respect.

Park Assist Plus

Your Volkswagen with Park Assist Plus (available from Elegance) can not only tell you whether a parking space is big enough as you drive by – it also parks for you.

Up to a speed of 25mph, Park Assist Plus permanently searches for suitable parallel parking spaces. Up to a speed of 12mph, it also searches for parking bays. Once you have decided on one of the parking spaces found, you start the parking process. Park Assist Plus can carry out the parking manoeuvre for you. It takes over the steering, acceleration and braking. You only have to monitor the parking process and intervene if necessary. 

But Park Assist Plus can do even more. It can also drive out of a parallel parking space and can help you with a failed parking manoeuvre by completing the process for you.

Head-up Display

Being able to check important information while also keeping an eye on the road: this is a major advantage of the optional head-up display. Part of the windscreen becomes a projection surface that can display your speed, messages from your driver assist systems or navigation instructions. The projection itself is still clearly legible, even when light is shining directly onto the windscreen or the road is covered with snow. And you can switch off the display fully or partially at any time if you no longer need it.

IQ. Light HD matrix headlights​

The innovative IQ.LIGHT HD matrix headlights on the new Tiguan delight even when at a standstill with more than 19,000 individually controlled LEDs – and also include a welcome & goodbye light projection before and after every journey. Light strips on the radiator grille and rear, a dynamic turn signal as well as area lighting with motif projected laterally from the side mirrors and illuminated door handles impressively complement its signature light. 

Enjoy a noticeably improved night-time driving experience even when driving. Other road users and traffic signs can be masked out even more precisely from your main beam headlights. In addition, your Tiguan can project markings onto the roadway, which help you when driving through narrow roadworks on the motorway and improve visibility. 

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With a brand new striking exterior design, fluid lines and clean surfaces and a more power-full looking front section the new Tiguan boosts multiple new features.