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Volkswagen e-up! in Eglinton and Enniskillen, Northern Ireland

Volkswagen e-up! 

Auto Express awards the New up! 5 stars

"Already one of the best city cars about, the Volkswagen up! has improved thanks to a facelift and new engine."

The new e-up! cuts the cost of motoring to an all-time low and you can even save money in your sleep, if you charge it up using a lower night-time tariff. It doesn’t use oil, which means there’s is no need for an oil change or oil filter, reducing maintenance costs, and there is no exhaust to be replaced. The new e-up! clearly refutes the misconception that electric vehicles are not capable of achieving top performance. And the figures continue to impress, with the electric motor achieving a top speed of 80mph, where the law permits, and accelerating from 0-62 mph in just 12.4 seconds.  


The new e-up! is fitted with four doors as standard, providing easy access and enhancing comfort for all passengers. The cabin is roomy and spacious, with plenty of head and legroom for everyone. The boot offers the same volume as a conventional up!, with a practical storage box for the charging able and a variable boot floor that can be used at two different levels.​

Blue Volkswagen e-up!
Volkswagen e-up! Gear Stick
Volkswagen e-up! Front Interior
Volkswagen e-up! Charging Port


Volkswagen's new mobile maps & more system docks onto the dashboard of the up! providing a high quality navigation display, hands-free phone calls, in-car information such as fuel consumption and a guide to eco driving, plus easy connection to your music. With the optional “Maps + More” dock you can easily connect your up! to the internet, as well as having navigation in 2D or 3D view.


High quality materials and superior craftsmanship ensure the integral seats not only look good but feel good too, adding a touch of style and ensuring maximum comfort for driver and passengers. With its many individualisation options you can design the new up! just the way you want. Choose the dash pad design, roof pack, coloured alloy wheels and the upholstery so that you can feel right at home!

Volkswagen e-up! Charging