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Volkswagen announces launch of new car and design language

Volkswagen CEO Thomas Schäfer has unveiled the ID. 2all concept in Germany – and has made it clear that this exciting new model is more than just a car.

The ID. 2all is billed as the electric Volkswagen for everyone, it will sit between the Polo and Golf, and signals a new design language for future models. The concept offers a new interpretation of the DNA from Volkswagen icons and heralds new ambitions for the company to redefine its ‘love brand’ roots. The ID. 2all will be built on the latest version of the modular electric drive (MEB) platform, when it is launched in 2025, resulting in a car similar in length to a Polo but with a Golf-like wheelbase and 440-litre boot.

It will be the first front-wheel drive MEB car, with a range of up to 279 miles, and is set to include high-tech features from larger ID. models.

These include the latest version of Travel Assist, IQ.Light LED matrix headlights, LED tail lights with horizontal strip between them, Park Assist Plus with memory function, ID.Light (intuitive light signals for the driver) and electric seats with massage function. A large tilting panoramic sunroof is set to underline the interior’s feel-good factor.

Customer feedback is also being incorporated, resulting in illuminated buttons and controls, a 12.9-inch touch-screen infotainment system with simple menu structure, digital cockpit and head-up display.

Wireless phone charging and plenty of USB-C and power sockets round off the car’s appeal for gadget fans – and a 50-litre lockable stowage area below the rear seats provides extra security for those gadgets.

The 166kW/226 PS electric motor will be powered by a lithium-ion battery with a gross energy content of 56 kWh, which can be charged from 10 to 80 per cent in less than 20 minutes at public DC stations; charging of up to 11 kW will be possible at home or public AC points.

“Transferring the DNA of our icons to the future”

The ID. 2all concept is the first vehicle to be conceived by Andreas Mindt since he became the brand’s new Head of Design on 1 February 2023.

“We are transferring the DNA of our icons to the future. The ID. 2all is therefore also an homage to the Beetle, Golf and Polo,” said Andreas at the unveiling in Germany, where he focused on the concept’s three design pillars: stability, likeability and excitement.

One major ‘stability’ element is the C-pillar design, which is reminiscent of the first Golf and evokes the tensioned string of a bow pointing in the direction of travel. Andreas has created a new interpretation of this, which is set to become the blueprint for future compact Volkswagens.

Excitement is set to come in the form of a dynamic appearance, with scope for sporty derivatives, along with high-quality materials and the elegant relationship between the bonnet and linear silhouette, which lengthens the car’s appearance and makes it exude confidence.

“Another unique Volkswagen model”

​“Courage, a spirit of invention and putting people first – these are the virtues that have underscored the success of Volkswagen,” concluded CEO Thomas Schäfer at the unveiling.

“Courage, a spirit of invention and putting people first – these are the virtues that have underscored the success of Volkswagen,” concluded CEO Thomas Schäfer at the unveiling.

“These are precisely the virtues that will now make Volkswagen stronger during the greatest transformation in the history of the automobile. We have breathed new life into these values, and the ID. 2all is the first visible result.

“Volkswagen was the love brand for high-volume manufacturers for many decades, because we built unique products. Unique such as the Volkswagen Bus, which was a big hit at Woodstock, the Beetle parked on Abbey Road, and the Golf, which gave its name to an entire generation in Germany. Or the Polo, which for many was the first car they owned.

The ID. Buzz has already shown the potential the two letters VW have in the electric age. From the end of 2025, the ID. 2all will be another of these unique Volkswagen models.”

Missed the unveiling? You can watch again here.

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