Cambelt and Water Pump Change from only £410 + VAT

Why does my Cambelt need changed?

The cambelt is one of the hardest working parts of your engine. It ensures crankshaft and camshafts move in time with each other. If this doesn’t happen, your model name engine can suffer serious damage. Not changing your cambelt increases the risk of your car breaking down and could be very expensive to repair.

Which is why checking it is something best carried out by people who know best: Volkswagen-trained technicians. So don’t delay in getting your cambelt changed!

Why does my Water Pump need changed?

The most common issues affecting water pumps are leaks (from the seal) or wear to the bearing or impellor. This can cause the water pump to work less efficiently, limiting the circulation of coolant and causing the engine to overheat. This can result in serious damage to the engine. Replacing the water pump is therefore a sensible precaution because the consequences of a failing water pump can be so severe.

Why should I replace the water pump during a cambelt change?

Your water pump is driven by the cambelt and provides circulation of the fluids which cool your engine. In some cases a water pump can seize, which can cause the cambelt to stop suddenly and break. For this reason, it makes sense to replace the water pump at the same time as the cambelt. Completing both jobs at the same time gives you total peace of mind and acts as a cost effective method.

Model Amarok Caddy Crafter T5 & T6
Price £465 £410 £630 £475

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