The new ID. Buzz 

It is the first generation of a new kind of mobility at VolkswagenCommercial Vehicles. The first fully electric vehicles: the ID. Buzz and ID. Buzz Cargo. Whether for the whole family or for use as a delivery vehicle: get to know the new, iconic design that combines modern proportions with innovative technology in more detail. Full connectivity, digital features, a redefined sense of space and your new, climate-conscious mobility - with the two models ID. Buzz and ID. Buzz Cargo.

Heading to the new mobility

The new ID. Buzz and ID. Buzz Cargo set new standards for individual and commercial mobility. For the first time, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has developed a concept from scratch as an electric vehicle, from the first sketch to the finishing touch. And whether it’s the use of space, network connectivity or the drive system: the concept of the ID. Buzz will transform mobility.

  • Innovative connectivity with over-the-air updates2 via We Connect and3 Car2X
  • New, intelligent assist systems
  • Compact dimensions but extremely spacious

ID. Buzz: a whole new feeling of spaciousness for more flexibility

Whether in the city or across country, for the whole family or a weekend trip with friends, the ID. Buzz makes sustainable mobility comfortable and practical. We’ve completely redeveloped the interior concept, which is where digital innovation meets reimagined flexibility.

  • ID. Light
  • Removable, multifunctional ID. Buzz box
  • Ambient lighting, optionally with up to 30 colours
  • No animal leather in the interior
  • Recycled materials, for example for seat covers, floor coverings and decorative headliner
  • Over-the-air updates2 via We Connect3

An integrated approach to electric mobility: innovative mobility with the ID. Buzz Cargo

For truly sustainable mobility, the entire life cycle of a vehicle has to be taken into account and CO2 emissions reduced at every stage. Switch to electromobility now – with the innovative, networked ID. Buzz and ID. Buzz Cargo.​

With over 30 driver assistance systems available to select and with the possibility of communicating with other connected vehicles – the ID. Buzz sets new standards.

With its own network, internet connection, mobile online services and integrated voice control, it reaches a new level of connectivity. And is ready to redefine your individual mobility.

Over-the-air updates

Updates enhance the functionality of the digital systems in your ID. Buzz. With over-the-air updates(2) via We Connect(3), it can automatically carry out updates overnight if you confirm it on your infotainment system. This means you’re always up-to-date with your ID. Buzz.


Vehicles can communicate with each other in road traffic and warn each other of local danger spots. Car2X technology expands the range of a vehicle’s sensors many times over by including information from other road and infrastructure users to assess the current overall situation. Smart software and electronics increase safety to a new level. An example of this is the “Local Warnings” service. The ID. models communicate with each in a range of 800 metres within milliseconds. Thanks to their numerous sensors, the electric vehicles quickly detect potential hazards – and automatically warn other road users in the vicinity via a Wi-Fi radio signal.

ID. Light

The ID. Light communicates visually with you and, in combination with the standard navigation system, helps you get through traffic more easily. If you use the voice control, you get a light signal in response to your voice. When you get out of your ID. Buzz, the ID. Light says goodbye – with an intelligent light signal.

Travel Assist with swarm data

Travel Assist with swarm data helps you to stay in lane, maintain the distance to the vehicle in front and keep to the maximum speed you set.6To do this, one of the things it uses is adaptive lane guidance. This actively keeps the vehicle in the middle of the lane. Travel Assist with swarm data adapts to your driving style and instead of staying exactly in the middle, can keep the car further to the left or right in the lane.6On the motorway, Travel Assist with swarm data can also actively help you when changing lanes.6If the data is available, Travel Assist with swarm data just needs to detect the edge of the road in order to stay in lane, for example on country roads without a marking along the middle.6In addition, Travel Assist with swarm data features predictive cruise control and cornering assistance. The vehicle speed can be adjusted to the applicable speed limits as well as the course of the road (curves, roundabouts etc.).6

  • 360° electric mobility

    We take responsibility for our part of the value chain of our vehicles and are committed to the Paris Climate Agreement – with the aim of becoming a carbon-neutral6 company by 2050. The ID. Buzz is the first Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles model to be developed from scratch as an electric vehicle. It will be a fundamental building block in our integrated 360° ecosystem for electric mobility. That’s because we can only achieve our goals if we take an integrated approach to acting sustainably.

  • Integrated charging solutions

    The ID. Buzz is not just a climate-conscious way to drive, but also more flexible. That’s because an electric vehicle should have an individual, sustainable ecosystem that adapts to your mobility. You previously had to drive to a filling station, but now you charge the ID. Buzz when you’re not using it anyway. This might be at the charging point at work, at a public charging station on the motorway, in front of the supermarket, in a car park, where your friends live or at your own personal home charging point. The maximum power for quick charging (DC) is up to 170 kW and it takes around 30 minutes to charge the battery from 5% to 80%. The Plug & Charge5 function makes charging easier: authentication, charging and billing take place automatically once you plug in the charging cable. The maximum charging power for regular charging (AC) is 11 kW. Simply use the We Charge service to find available charging stations on the road.

  • Powerful electric drive

    Zero local CO2 emissions and a long electric range are crucial if an electric drive is to be practical for everyday use. With the ID. Buzz we have to meet the needs of many different people, from private customers to tradespeople. The innovative electric drive in the ID. Buzz makes this possible. The e-motor is accommodated in the rear in a particularly space-saving way and makes towing loads of up to 1,000 kg possible without any problems. Sustainable, suitable for everyday use and robust: the electric drive of the ID. Buzz combines climate awareness with individual mobility.

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Important information :

1. Vehicle illustrations show near-series study.

2. To use the We Connect services, you need a Volkswagen ID user account and must log in to We Connect with your user name and password. You must also conclude a separate We Connect or We Connect Plus contract online with Volkswagen AG. For We Connect Plus, you have 90 days after receiving the vehicle to register it at or via the Volkswagen We Connect app (available in the App Store and Google Play Store) so that you can use the services for the full duration of the agreed free-of-charge period.An integrated Internet connection enables the use of the We Connect mobile online services. Volkswagen AG bears the associated data costs incurred in Europe as part of the network coverage, with the exception of the Streaming & Internet services and the individual In-Car Apps. To use the Streaming & Internet services, individual In-Car Apps and the Wi-Fi hotspot, data plans can be purchased from the external mobile partner Cubic Telecom and used within the network coverage in numerous European countries. Information on the conditions, prices and supported countries is available at Alternatively, Internet Radio and Media Streaming can be used via a mobile device (e.g. smartphone) that is capable of acting as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. In this case, the services in question are only available in conjunction with an existing mobile phone contract between you and your mobile phone company or with a contract concluded separately for this purpose and only where coverage is available. Depending on your mobile phone tariff, data exchange over the Internet may incur additional charges (e.g. roaming charges), particularly if you are using the service abroad.To use the free We Connect app, you will need a smartphone with an appropriate iOS or Android operating system and a SIM card with a data option. You will also need an appropriate mobile phone contract already in place or separately arranged with your mobile phone provider.The availability of the individual We Connect and We Connect Plus services described in the packages can vary from country to country and also depends on the vehicle or equipment. The services are available for the duration of the contract term agreed, and may be subject to changes in terms of content or cancellation during the contract period. Visit or ask your VolkswagenCommercial Vehicles dealership for more information. For information regarding your mobile phone tariff conditions, please contact your network provider.Due to legal specifications, We Connect and We Connect Fleet cannot be used at the same time.

3. Currently only possible at selected charging stations.

4. For over-the-air updates, the vehicle has to be online and connected to the internet. In addition, a valid We Connect contract is required.

5. The driver assist function can only be used within the limits of the system. The driver must be prepared at all times to override the assistance systems and is in no way released from the responsibility to drive the vehicle carefully. The process can be deactivated at any time. The system can be used up to the maximum speed of the vehicle. Only in combination with a navigation system. Only in combination with an active We Connect licence. The online components of Travel Assist with mass location data can only be used within the mobile network coverage and with corresponding privacy settings. The online component can be deactivated at any time in the We Connect ID. app. The online component of Travel Assist is available in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom. To activate the online functions you need a Volkswagen ID user account and must log in with your user name and password to We Connect. You must also conclude a separate We Connect contract online with Volkswagen AG. After delivery of the vehicle, you have 90 days to activate the online function of Travel Assist with mass location data. After this period expires, the initial 3-year use period of the online component of Travel Assist with mass location data (free of charge) begins. The online component of Travel Assist with mass location data is enabled via an integrated internet connection. The data costs incurred within Europe as part of network coverage are borne by Volkswagen AG. Depending on your mobile phone tariff, data exchange over the Internet may incur additional charges (e.g. roaming charges), particularly if you are using the service abroad. In order to provide the service, certain personal data such as the location and IP address of the vehicle must be transmitted. Further information on data processing can be found in the privacy policy for Travel Assist with mass location data. The availability of the individual services described in the packages may vary in individual countries. These services are available for the duration of the agreed contract period and may be subject to changes of content or even terminated during the contract period. More information is available at and from your local Van Centre. For information regarding your mobile phone tariff conditions, please contact your network provider.

6. As far as possible, CO2 emissions are avoided and reduced directly at Volkswagen. Upstream suppliers are also obliged to avoid and reduce emissions. CO2 emissions that cannot be avoided or reduced by Volkswagen itself or through obligations in the supplier chain are offset in full with certified climate protection projects.

Images are for illustration purposes only. Vehicle shown may not reflect UK specification.