Citroën Remanufactured Parts

Maximum Performance, Minimum Waste

At Citroën Bangor and Dungannon we’re always looking for ways to provide better performance, efficiency and value. Our range of Genuine Remanufactured Parts brings you all these benefits without any compromise. Providing outstanding quality and the very latest technology, Remanufactured Parts are as good as new, but priced up to 40% less than the brand new equivalent. They’re the ideal way to keep your Citroën running exactly as it should, whilst cutting down waste and emissions.

As Good As New

The Remanufactured Parts are put through a series of procedures and tests to ensure they are as good as new.
  1. All parts are disassembled, thoroughly cleaned and inspected for re-usability.
  2. Usable components are then remanufactured to our original specification.
  3. All wear and tear parts that can affect durability or performance are replaced.
  4. Electronic components are updated with the latest software.
  5. Mechanical parts are fitted with the very latest improvements.
  6. Only now is everything reassembled and given a thorough end-of-line test.
Citroen Remanufactured Parts

Remanufactured Parts cover a whole range of vital technology, from complete petrol and diesel engines, to manual and automatic gearboxes, alternators and starter motors and much more.​ Parts include: 

​Brake Calipers​Turbos​Particulate Filters
​Cylinder Heads​Steering Racks​Alternators
​Starter Motors​Engine Flywheels​Radiators
​Manual Gearboxes​Petrol Engines​Diesel Engines
​Automatic Gearboxes​Injector Holders​Injector Pumps
​Conditioning Compressors​Renovated Clutch Kits​Clutch and ADF Pro Kits

Better For You, Better For The Environment

When you choose Genuine Citroën Remanufactured Parts, you enjoy the reassurance of a 12 months warranty, plus the perfect fit and finish you expect from original parts. Quality and performance are simply uncompromised.

Remanufacturing is also more environmentally friendly. Fewer materials need to be used, and both energy and CO2 emissions are reduced. Because we’re reusing as much as possible, less gets thrown away.

Citroen Engine

Perfect Fit For You And Your Citroën​

There’s no substitute for components that are designed and made by the people who created your car. Now you can enjoy the benefits of the real thing for less with Remanufactured Parts.

To discover good as new quality, performance and efficiency for your Citroën, simply get in touch with Donnelly Citroën​ Bangor, Dungannon or Enniskillen.

Find Out More

To enquire or to book a service please call Donnelly Group Citroën Centre to speak to a specialist:

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