Citroën Servicing and Parts

At Donnelly Citroën Bangor and Dungannon we are committed to providing you with the best servicing and repair work available for your Citroën. It’s good to know that our trained technicians use the most advanced equipment to monitor, analyse and repair every vehicle.

Here’s what we promise to deliver:

​ We’ll organise an appointment with you, so we can discuss your requirements properly

​ We’ll do a careful visual inspection of your vehicle, which you are always welcome to attend

​ We’ll prepare a transparent quotation of all work

✔ If your vehicle requires more work than first expected or needs to be with us for longer, we’ll let you know in advance

✔ A quality check will be carried out on all work before returning your vehicle to you and the final invoice will be clearly explained.

It doesn’t matter if you bought your Citroën from Donnelly Group Citroën or elsewhere, we will maintain it using the finest people, technology and parts.

Did you know...?

Citroën​ customers who keep their vehicle fully serviced by Citroën​ trained technicians will get their service book updated and receive all the complimentary manufacturer upgrades. The Donnelly Citroën​ manufacturer service stamps received will protect the car’s residual value which helps our customers achieve the best price when they are ready to sell.


To enquire or to book a service, please call Donnelly Group Citroën Service Centre to speak to a specialist:

Donnelly Citroën Bangor on 028 9124 0677

Donnelly Citroën Dungannon on 028 8744 0489