Citroën Service Plan​

Citroën Service Plans keep your Citroën and your budget in the very best of health. With small affordable monthly payments (or with the option to pay with one up-front payment), you get a mix of expertise, quality and flexibility that’s hard to beat.

Expert Servicing

Our Plans include full servicing by our expertly trained technicians that only use Citroën or Approved Parts so your vehicle is in the best hands. With work carried out by the real experts and low monthly payments, there’s no need for compromise when it comes to keeping your Citroën performing perfectly.

Your Vehicle’s Service includes:
Full Vehicle inspection
Check and top up of fluid levels
Replacement of oil and oil filter
Diagnostic reviews
Safety and Environment checks
Any additional checks needed due to age or mileage of your vehicle, as defined in your Warranty & Maintenance Handbook

Tailored to you

You can purchase a Service Plan at any time on your vehicle. Our Service Plans are flexible and tailored to suit you. Your Service Plan is also contract free, so you’re free to move or change it at any time*.

* Depending on your next vehicle monthly payments may fluctuate.

Affordable Expertise

We always provide an individual quote that’s shaped to your needs, with fixed monthly payments. And your Service Plan is guaranteed at today’s price.

Under A Citroen Bonnet