Citroën Finance Explained

When you're choosing a new car there are lots of decisions to make, with, one of the most important being the best finance option for you.

Want to drive a brand new Citroën every two to three years? Would you like a new car without the hassle of ownership? Want to own your very own Citroën but want the flexibility to fit your budget? Or are you a young driver and can’t wait to get behind the wheel of a brand new Citroën?

This can be a difficult process but, we can help find the right payment plan that suits you best.

Car Purchase Plan

If you prefer to own your car the car purchase plan is perfect for you.

How it works:

There are four steps before you can drive away in your new Citroën.

  1. Choose the car that is perfect for you.
  2. Decide how much deposit you would like to pay.
  3. Decide how long you would like to spread the payments over. This can be anything from 12-60 months.
  4. We will then create a monthly payment plan that suits you.

Once you have signed a few forms your new Citroën car is yours to drive away.

At the end of the agreement you make a final payment and the car is all yours.

Elect 3

With Elect 3 change your Citroën car every two or three years on a monthly plan tailored to your budget.

How it works:

You pay a deposit (between 10% - 40% of the vehicle price), and then fixed monthly payments over a term of 25, 31 or 37 months.

At the end of the agreement you can either:

  1. Make the final payment and own the vehicle outright.
  2. Return the vehicle to Citroën.
  3. Part exchange it (using any equity as a deposit) for another Citroën vehicle on another Elect 3 package.

Elect 4

Elect 4 is for those free spirits who don't want the stress and hassle of being a car owner or commit to long term contracts. Perfect or those who want a new car every three years but don't want the hassle of selling, negiotiating and trading in of their old car.

How it works:

You rent the car for a fixed period of time and pay a fixed monthly rental.

At the end of the agreement you return the vehicle to the dealership and swap it for a different car on a new agreement.

Terms and conditions apply.