Understanding Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV) Range

The Confidence To Go Anywhere ​

Wherever adventure leads you, life with a Land Rover plug-in hybrid (PHEV) is knows no bounds. By driving in full Electric Vehicle (EV) mode on shorter trips and switching to your petrol engine for longer journeys, no distance is ever off limits.

Navigate the Urban Jungle in Full Electric Mode

​Cover most of your shorter daily journeys from a single charge and with zero tailpipe emissions. As electricity is typically cheaper per mile, it could also save you money along the way.

How Far Can I Go Using Electric?

Explore the electric range of the latest Land Rover PHEV family.

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Why Is The Real Electric Range Often Less Than Advertised?

Advertised figures allow drivers to compare one car to another in the same conditions. To enable this, all manufacturers test to the same WLTP (World Light Harmonised Test Procedure) and quote these figures.

Compared to the controlled conditions and temperatures of WLTP, in real-world conditions your range will differ based on factors including speed, outside temperatures and the weight you’re carrying.

How Can I Maximise My EV Range?

Approximately 20% of the advertised EV range is typically affected by real-world driving conditions.  With access to home charging, range should never be an issue for local journeys, but there are still some simple ways you can maximise your EV range every day.


Preconditioning allows you to heat or cool your cabin and battery while your Land Rover is plugged in. This uses energy from the mains and preserves the energy in the battery to maximise driving range.​​

Driving Speed

Travelling at a steady pace – rather than frequent, heavy acceleration and hard braking – will help preserve your electric range.​​

Eco Mode​

Eco Mode is a simple way to optimise your range during your journey. It adjusts some of the settings including cabin temperature and air recirculation to save energy and maximise range.​​

Brake Regeneration

Once you lift your foot off the accelerator in a PHEV, an intelligent regenerative braking system comfortably slows the vehicle down while converting the power generated to optimise the battery’s range. Applying the brake increases the amount of power harvested.​​