Driving A Land Rover Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV)

The Same Sense of Purpose. A New World of Refinement. ​

In a Land Rover plug-in hybrid (PHEV), with over 70 years of capability and composure, complemented with the elegance and immediacy of electric power.​  It’s a combination that adds a new level of sustainable luxury to the vehicles you trust to take you anywhere. And it doesn’t mean less power. Just fewer visits to the fuel station.

Capability without compromise.

The instant torque from the electric element of a Land Rover PHEV is used to enhance already extraordinary capability on slippery slopes and challenging rock crawls.  *

When it comes to negotiating streams and flooded roads, our latest PHEVs – like all Land Rovers – can submerge up to a maximum depth of between 500mm and 900mm dependent on model2. Ramp and departure angles remain uncompromised.

Switch to full-electric when navigating the streets of the urban jungle and meet every mile with zero tailpipe emissions and near-silent serenity. The purest form of Land Rover power. 

What Can I Tow With A Land Rover Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV)?​

VehicleMaximum towing capacity***Caravan (1,300 - 1,800kg)***Horsebox and horse (1,200 - 1,700kg)***Motorboat and trailer (1,600 - 2,000 kg)***
New Range Rover PHEV 2,500kg Yes Yes Yes
Range Rover Sport PHEV 2,500kg Yes Yes Yes
Range Rover Velar PHEV 2,000kg Yes Yes Yes
Range Rover Evoque PHEV 1,600kg Up to 1,600kg Yes No
Land Rover Discovery Sport PHEV 1,600kg Up to 1,600kg Yes No
Land Rover Defender PHEV 3,000kg Yes Yes Yes

The weight of a family-sized caravan (4-6 people), medium-sized horsebox with one horse, and a medium-sized motorboat and trailer are representative examples only.***