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2G2A at Donnelly Group Motorstore

While you can snag a good deal buying a car at auction, there is some truth that you don't know what you're in for until you drive off.

Donnelly Group is all about helping drivers throughout Northern Ireland get a better deal on approved-used and nearly new cars, without any surprises.That's why we developed our 2G2A system, which benefits from a range of pre-sale services, including:

Full Video Health Check

All 2G2A cars have a video health check carried out, showing that we're taking the time to review everything, with nothing left to chance.

Mechanical Service

Unlike most auctions, we take a look under the bonnet. Our technicians carry out a mechanical service to have vehicles meet our high standards.

3 Month Guarantee

We have a 3 Month/3,000 mile guarantee (whichever comes first) on our 2G2A used cars – a hopeful sign that you can buy with confidence and not have a car let you down.

Valid MOT Certificate

No chasing any paper trials or looking for records. All our 2G2A cars need to have a valid MOT in place before being listed for sale.

Full Valet

The cherry on top! When you buy through 2G2A, we have a full exterior & interior valet carried out, so the car is as good as new when you drive for the first time.