Donnelly and Taggart Eglinton Cost Price + £1 Event! View New Car Offers Here

The Donnelly and Taggart Eglinton Cost Price + £1 Event is here! For two days only – Friday 16th and Saturday 17th September – purchase any New Car from Donnelly & Taggart and pay cost price plus £1. That means more bargains and more savings for customers across the North West. The Event starts at 9.00am on Friday and finishes at 2.30pm on Saturday afternoon, at the Donnelly and Taggart retail complex in Campsie and brings together some of the best value NEW cars – over 250 different model derivatives to choose from across 9 big brands.

“It has taken a lot of work to get this Event together,” said Victor Pollock, Sales Director at Donnelly and Taggart.

”Donnelly and Taggart have always made a commitment to our customers to give the best vehicles at the best value for money, and this year we are looking at offering more cars than ever before. We have been planning this event for a number of weeks, making sure that we have the right cars available for our customers, but as well as that we have the right processes in place to make sure that the customers can come along on the day and drive away the same day.”

Cost Price Plus £1

“With over 250 different possible cars available, from across the widest range of manufacturer’s possible, cars of every shape and size to meet the different needs of all our customers and all at significantly reduced prices. We are making sure that this event is bigger than anything previously held.”

Donnelly and Taggart are part of the Donnelly Group, one of the largest motor retailers in Northern Ireland, representing 18 manufacturers, including Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, Fiat, Mitsubishi, Renault, Peugeot, and Nissan.

Company Director, Victor Pollock, is sure that the size and scale of the company has an impact on the offers that they can make to their customers:

”As a large motor group, we have an excellent relationship with the manufacturers, and occasionally we have the ability to secure excellent deals on bulk purchases.” Said Victor Pollock.

”What we do, quite simply is pass on these savings directly to our customers. This incredible value gives a different dimension to our Event this weekend,” added Victor.

Buy on the day – and drive away

”We have a team of staff working exclusively on appraising the vehicles. This means that the customer gets an almost immediate evaluation on their car, so that they know exactly what they can afford and expect to pay on a new one. And we have on site finance team who are working with a variety of finance companies, who can sort out finance on the day. We have always worked on the basis that the customers want to come along on the day and drive away, and we will work hard to make sure they can,” said Pollock.

Really has never been a better time to buy

Houston Taggart, Managing Director at Donnelly and Taggart is aware of the effort required in making this event possible:

”This will be the biggest event we have ever held and it has taken a lot of work by a lot of people to get it ready. We have had to bring in additional staff, to help with the preparation work – appraisal staff and cleaners are all working extremely hard, to ensure that the vehicles are ready to drive away on the day.”

”If you are looking for a bargain on a Brand New Car, the Cost Price + £1 Event cannot be missed” said Taggart.

“We have the best cars, at the very best prices on offer anywhere in the North West. We have a commitment to our customers to give them value for money and we are making sure that the event on Saturday will be the biggest ever. It’s an exciting time for customers and there really has never been a better time to buy a car.”

The Donnelly and Taggart Cost Price Plus £1 Event begins at 9.00am on Friday 16th and ends 2.30pm on Saturday 17th September, at the Donnelly and Taggart, retail complex Campsie