Why Choose a Diesel Vauxhall?

Our sales teams are frequently asked 'Why Choose a Diesel Vauxhall?'

Below are a few misconceptions in relation to diesel vehicles.

Donnelly Group Vauxhall Why Choose a Diesel Vauxhall?
Donnelly Group Vauxhall Why choose a Diesel Vauxhall?

Diesels emit much more pollutants. 

Modern diesels have a lower environmental impact than other combustion engines. 

CO2 emissions are lower than a petrol vehicle. This selective catalytic reduction, with AdBlue, reduced nitrogen oxides (NOx).

With the infoduction of Euro 6 standards, Diesel engines have never been cleaner. ​

Donnelly Group Vauxhall Why choose a Diesel Vauxhall?

Diesel cannot be driven in low emission zones.

Following London's lead, other cities within the UK (Birmingham, Leeds, Southampton, Manchester and Bristol) are planning to introduce their own low emission zones. The newest diesels are the cleanest ever and all of ours comply with the very latest EURO 6 standards which means our cars can be driven anywhere in Europe without being charged.​
Donnelly Group Vauxhall Why choose a Diesel Vauxhall?

Diesels produce more noise and vibration.

Sequential direct fuel injection (taking place in stages) and variable combustion chambers considerably reduce the pressure rise acceleration, which contributes to quiet operation. 

The dual-mas flywheel, balancer shafts and a new engine mount techology further reduce noise and vibration levels.

Donnelly Group Vauxhall Why choose a Diesel Vauxhall?

Diesels take longer to warm up.

Modern diesel engines equipped with an active cooling management system warm up just as quickly as most petrol engines.

​Benefits of ecoTEC diesel engines:

  • Impressive economy, helping to reduce running costs. 
  • Amazing efficiency with low CO2 emissions, ensuring lower taxes. 
  • Long service and maintenance intervals, ensuring Whole Life Costs are kept to a minimum
  • Superb refinement with vastly reduced levels of noise, vibration and harshness. 
  • Strong performance with lots of low end torque and power.
  • Effortless acceleration and maximum driver satisfaction

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