From us, to your family and friends and your favourites.

Offers too good not to share. Exclusive discounts for you and up to 3 friends or family with Vauxhall Partners.

Eligibility Sectors

Membership Organisations

Members of some of the major unions, certain national organisations or qualified driving instructors


Members of education unions

Health and Emergency

NHS, police and fire and rescue employees and members of certain associated organisations or unions.

Housing and Councils

Local council employees

Transport Communications & Utilities

Employees of certain energy or communications providers, transport or logistics suppliers or airlines.

Civil Service and Military

Members of some of the major unions, certain national organisations or qualified driving instructors

Retail and Leisure

Members of some of the major unions, certain national organisations or qualified driving instructors


Selected manufacturing provider employees

Infrastructure & Facilities

Selected providers of infrastructure and facilities employees

Finance & IT

Selected providers of finance and IT employees


Certain media related company employees

Vauxhall Suppliers

Selected Vauxhall suppliers

Vauxhall or Affiliated Employee

Vauxhall employees and pensioners and selected contractors working on Vauxhall UK sites

Vauxhall Retailers or Retailer Group employees

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How to sign up

Signing up to Vauxhall Partners is easy. Just visit the website, register with your login code and see if your company/organisation is available in the sector you work in. After you’ve found your company, we’ll take a few details from you and ask you to upload your proof of eligibility.

Once you’re all set, you can share your benefits with your family and friends.​

Who can I nominate?

The following family members are eligible to receive your benefits through the share function on the website:

  • Partner or spouse
  • Parents and step-parents
  • Brothers and sisters
  • Step-brothers and step-sisters
  • Children and step-children
  • Grandparents and grandchildren
  • Aunts and uncles
  • Nieces and nephews
  • Sons-in-law and daughters-in-law
  • Brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law
  • Mothers-in-law and fathers-in-law

Vauxhall Employee Partners and Associate Partners can also now share with your friends.

Find Out More

If you are not sure if you qualify as a Vauxhall Partner contact us to speak to one of our specialists. Contact your local Vauxhall location or use the enquiry form provided:

Donnelly Vauxhall Dungannon: 028 8744 0407

Marketing Preferences

Donnelly Group would like to contact you by email, phone, post and SMS to keep you informed about vehicle servicing, product renewals, our news, offers and events that we think may be of interest to you in accordance with our Privacy Policy. For more information click here.


To qualify for the Vauxhall Partners offers, you must be aged 17 and over with a full UK drivers licence . You must also satisfy the additional criteria for Vauxhall Partners offers, as explained in this section, which may be amended from time to time by Vauxhall Motors Limited (“Vauxhall”).

Categories of Vauxhall Partners:
Vauxhall Employee Partners: this category includes all employees of Vauxhall, IBC Vehicles Ltd, Vauxhall Finance Plc or a non-Vauxhall employee working at an eligible Vauxhall UK site and certain categories of pensioner and their eligible nominees.

Vauxhall Retailer Partners: this category includes all employees of the Vauxhall Retail Network (including Groups). The account of a Vauxhall Retailer Partner will be audited on a regular basis to ensure they continue to be eligible for the Vauxhall Retailer Partners offer.

Vauxhall Associate Partners: this category includes all employees/members of selected companies/organisations.

If you retain a Vauxhall pension after you have left employment at Vauxhall, you will remain eligible for Vauxhall Partners and will be classed as a deferred pensioner. If you withdraw from the Vauxhall pension at any point after leaving you will no longer qualify.

You will only remain a member of Vauxhall Partners for as long as your company/organisation remains affiliated. [Vauxhall Motors Limited is not reliable for notifying you when your company/organisation is no longer affiliated]. Existing agreements will not be terminated should your affiliation cease.

Should the affiliation be terminated between Vauxhall Partners and your company/organisation, you and your eligible nominees may be removed from Vauxhall Partners; you will be advised as to when this will take effect. If you leave the company/organisation, you and your eligible nominated relatives will no longer be eligible for Vauxhall Partners. Qualification does not automatically pass to a deceased member's relatives or nominated members.

Deceased pensioners - your family and friends, where applicable, may continue to be eligible nominated members of Vauxhall Partners so long as the surviving spouse continues to claim the deceased’s Vauxhall pension.

Unless you are registered to Vauxhall Partners, have supplied and had approval from the Partners Administration in proving your eligibility, you will not be entitled to any specific Vauxhall Partners offers. It is the responsibility of the original Employee/Retailer/Associate Partner to demonstrate that all criteria have been satisfied and not the responsibility of Vauxhall Motors Limited, SMH Fleet Solutions Ltd or the Vauxhall Retailer.

Below are some examples of the type of proofs of eligibility that may be valid. This is dependent on the company or organisation and is subject to change from time to time so should not be taken as an infallible and exhaustive list.

• Payslips (dated within 6 months prior to vehicle order date) – these include pension payslips or P60s and payslips showing subscriptions to organisations
• Work ID badge/pass (no date required)
• Photo of the employee number
• Original letter- headed letter from your employer or organisation (dated within 6 months prior to vehicle order date) – this includes joining letters to membership organisations
• Contract front page showing the company name and employee name
• Membership card
• Certificate of Registration – this includes some membership organisations and driving instructor certification
• Validation code – some organisations may have a pre-approval process where you will be supplied a validation code in an email to upload

Vauxhall Employee/Retailer/Associate Partner nominee eligibility criteria

Each year, the Vauxhall Employee/Retailer/Associate Partner is allowed to share their Vauxhall Partners offers with a selected number of friends or relatives, where applicable. Per category, this is shown as:

Vauxhall Employee Partners can share with up to 3 friends or family members
Vauxhall Retailer Partners can share with up to 2 family members
Associate Partners can share with up to 2 friends or family members

The eligible family members includes:

• Partner or spouse
• Parents and step-parents
• Brothers and sisters
• Step-brothers and step-sisters
• Children and step-children
• Grandparents and grandchildren
• Aunts and uncles
• Nieces and nephews
• Sons-in-law and daughters-in-law
• Brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law
• Mothers-in-law and fathers-in-law

Vauxhall Employee and Associate level Partners are permitted to share with friends as part of their annual rolling 12 month purchase allowance, at Vauxhall’s discretion.

Vehicle Allowance
Dependent on Partner category, a maximum number of the following Vauxhall vehicles can be purchased within any rolling 12 month period (beginning on the date of the first purchase) by any one or a combination of a Main Partner Employee/Retailer/Associate and their nominated relatives/friends.

Employee Partner: 4
Retailer: 3
Associate: 3

Please note that the totals above are a combination of vehicles per 'Employee/Retailer/Associate Partners Account' and includes the maximum nomination allowance, and not vehicles per person.

For example, the Associate Partner purchases one Vauxhall vehicle, they can share their Vauxhall Partners offer with up to 2 friends or family members, who can subsequently purchase 1 new Vauxhall each. 'Employee/Retailer/Associate Partners Account' refers to the original Employee/Retailer/Associate and includes all of their subsequent nominees including friends, where applicable.

Vauxhalls purchased through Vauxhall Partners must be kept under the same ownership for a minimum of six months from the date of delivery. Vauxhall’s Audit Department carries out random checks and may request to see the vehicle's V5 logbook at any time during the minimum six months' ownership period. All offers are subject to terms, conditions and availability. If the vehicle is sold prior to this date, you agree to repay to Vauxhall the discount that you received from Vauxhall Partners.

All savings claimed are savings against the particular Vauxhall’s current RRP and comprise a Vauxhall contribution and a Vauxhall Retailer contribution.

Vauxhall Retailers, Vauxhall Finance and SMH Fleet Solutions Ltd are not agents of any Vauxhall company and are not authorised to bind the Company by any specific or implied undertaking or representation.

Vauxhall reserves the right to change or withdraw any aspect of Vauxhall Partners without prior notice. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the offer details are accurate and up to date, Vauxhall reserves the right to change promotions at any time.
All offers are available at participating and qualifying retailers only.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the contents of this website are accurate and up-to-date.
However, we reserve the right to change specifications of the vehicles, prices, vehicle eligibility and finance products at any time.
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