Winter lasts longer than you’d think

Temperatures don’t need to plummet drastically for your tyres to feel the cold. Just dropping below 7 degrees C will harden summer (standard) tyres, making it difficult for them to grip the road safely.

Fit winter tyres when the average temperature drops below 7 degrees C and you will gain the full benefit of knowing your car has has better grip in cold and wet weather situations.

Reasons to be cheerful when it’s chilly

Treat your Toyota to a set of winter tyres and safer driving won’t be the only bonus.

  • Alternating between summer and winter tyres increases the lifespan of both sets – cutting the cost of frequent replacements.
  • Winter tyres last as long as summer tyres but perform better in winter conditions.
  • You needn’t worry about the complex tread on winter tyres slowing you down. Normal driving speeds aren’t affected.
  • Thanks to improved traction, your car will find it easier to get going on a cold winter’s day.

Give your summer tyres a winter break Switching tyres is easy but storing them can be a hassle. That’s why wave set up tyre hotels. Let us take good care of them for you and we’ll make sure they’re ready for summer action.

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