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At Toyota, our Hybrid Electric Service costs no more than a non-hybrid service. Our experts carry out all the hybrid specific checks your car needs to make sure everything is working efficiently and effectively.

Many people think hybrid car running costs are higher than ordinary cars and that they’re more expensive to purchase and repair, but this isn’t the case. The advances in technology and the growing popularity of hybrids has brought down the cost so that in many ‘class v class’ comparisons, they are no more expensive to buy and run than their conventional counterparts.

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Hybrid servicing costs

In many ways a hybrid car is much the same as a conventional car, the main difference is that it is also able to run on electricity as well as petrol or diesel. This means it also has a sophisticated nickel storage battery and electric engine that allows it to operate purely under electric power without needing recharging.

This specialist technology has been continually refined by Toyota for reliability and performance to the extent that hybrid car maintenance, servicing costs and servicing frequency - are no more than for conventional cars. It costs about the same to service a Toyota hybrid as any comparable car and can be carried out by a Toyota Authorised Repairer. Toyota’s own Hybrid Health Check is included for free with any Hybrid Service. And even if you’re not due a service, you can still benefit from the Hybrid Health Check at a cost of just £45.

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Hybrid battery maintenance cost

Every Toyota hybrid comes with a 5-year 100,000 mile warranty which can be extended up to 11 years for free. Every vehicle in our range is serviced by our hybrid electric specialist on an annual basis, supporting you to avoid hybrid battery replacement and additional service costs.

Vehicle emissions charges

London have introduced strict emission charges with the congestion charge, and more recently the T-charge, penalising high emission vehicles charging them daily fees, adding greatly to running costs. Low emissions vehicles such as the Toyota Prius Plug-in are exempt.

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