Integrated Dash Cam ​

What is a Dash Cam?

A dash cam is a small, windscreen-mounted, in-car camera constantly recording everything in front of the driver. It can be a motorist’s independent witness when involved in an accident, while also saving motorists money on their insurance. Dash cams footage is accepted as proof by all the top 41 major insurers, helping dash cam owners save money and helping to make our roads safer. It’s not just the savings when you buy your insurance that people with a dash cam are keen to make use of. If you are ever in an accident, there is also the fact that the dash cam footage can be used to prove you were not at fault and therefore save your No Claims Discount. Using dash cams in the UK is legal, as long as it does not restrict the drivers view and is not used to intrude upon someone’s privacy. Dash cam footage can be used by the police, insurance companies or a small claims court.

Dashcam Rear
Dashcam On A Car

Front Dash Cam

£299 including fitting

Front & Rear Dash Cam​

£399 including fitting

How does it work?

The Toyota Dash Cam is discreet and fits neatly at the top of the windscreen to record the road ahead in FULL 1080p HD and incorporates a unique lens with 90 degree vertical adjustment The Dash Cam is set to record video, in files 1 minute in length as a default setting. This means that each video file is a manageable size should you need to download and send to your insurance company. The MicroSD card will fill up with video files and then the camera automatically deletes the oldest file to make space for new recordings. This way you never run out of space and have plenty of driving historical evidence saved. The Toyota Dash Cam is pre-loaded with a removable 16Gb SD memory card, which will store the last 3 hours of driving footage and is powered via the vehicles 12v supply whilst the car is running and via an embedded battery for “Parking Mode” functions Should physical movement of the vehicle be detected, the Dash Cam will power on and start recording a 1 minute protected video. If no further physical movement is detected then the Dash Cam will return to standby mode. If physical movement is detected, then the camera will continue to record normally, until no physical movement detected for a 5 minute period, at which point the Dash Cam will return to standby mode.

Why choose a Dash Cam?

  • Full Integration Compatibility with all Toyota vehicles
  • Easy Footage Recovery with inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity to download recordings on mobile or PC
  • Accurate Journey Tracking with super-fast GPS pinpointing
  • Permanent Footage Recording with continuous MicroSD uploads
  • High Specification Technology with 90° vertical adjustment & 1080p HD Camera
  • Discreet Placement whilst fitting neatly at the top of vehicle windscreen

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