What is Toyota Safety Sense?

Toyota Safety Sense has been designed with your every driving need considered. From June 2015 onwards, a selection of Toyota vehicles will be fitted with four active safety features.

Pre-Collision System

Designed to react to the actions of other drivers, the Pre-Collision System acts on movements, to provide you with the safest possible drive. The system triggers audible and visual warnings when potential dangers are detected, prompting you to brake and even doing so for you, in some situations. The system allows you to brake with a greater force than usual and if you don’t react to the warning in time, the system will automatically reduce your speed by 30km/h. Even more impressively, PCS operates between 10 and 80km/h and can reduce your vehicle speed by roughly 40km/h. Coincidentally, this is when 80% of rear-end collisions happen on the road. When a pedestrian collision is anticipated, automatic brakes will come into action and speeds can be reduced by 30km/h. PCS comes as the standard when your vehicle is fitted with millimetre-wave radar, as is Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC).

Automatic High Beam

Nighttime driving can be difficult. To optimise your driving experience, whether in extremely dark or dim situations, Automatic High Beam (AHB) provides you with all the forward visibility that you could need. The AHB detects the headlights of oncoming and vehicles ahead, switching from low to high beams. This stops your Toyota lighting from dazzling other drivers, whilst making sure that the road ahead is illuminated as much as possible. Automatic High Beam is used more regularly; this guarantees that obstacles and pedestrians are easy to spot, so you can react quickly where necessary.

Lane Departure Assist

Lane Departure Assist (LDS) is the perfect safety system for everyday lane driving. Helping to prevent unnecessary accidents from happening, LDS monitors lane markings, ensuring that you stay within your chosen lane at all times, without deviating. Should you wish to move lanes and you indicate, the system won’t interrupt your action, but if you starting straying from the lane you’re in, the system will interact with you via visual and audible warnings. A selection of our Toyota models provide steering assist, helping to navigate you back to your correct positioning on the road.

Road Sign Assist

Should you drive past a road sign, Road Sign Assist can still help to navigate you throughout your drive. Detecting the road signs that you might have missed, Road Sign Assist recognises speed limits, no overtaking warnings, motorway signs and much more. It then converts this information and displays it on the colour TFT multi-information screen. Even more impressive, the system shows a warning light and buzzer when you exceed the speed limit.

When fitted with Toyota Safety Sense, your Toyota will not only reach optimum levels of safety, but could potentially save you money. This system reduces the risk of accidents on the road, which coincidentally reduces insurance costs and puts your vehicle into a more advantageous insurance classification. TSS will be available from the end of 2015, on the new Auris/Avensis and AYGO/Yaris. In the future, it is speculated that up to 80% European drivers will be able to fit their Toyota with TSS.

This is what Didier Leroy, President and CEO of Toyota Motor Europe, had to say about TSS: “High-level driver-assist technologies such as these make driving easier and simpler. They improve the driver’s perception of the traffic environment, their decision-making process and their overall safety skills. We believe that a more skilful driver is a safer driver, and that the added bonus of this dependable, reliable safety technology is that it can make the driver more confident and driving more enjoyable.”

Adaptive Cruise Control

ACC allows you to drive the correct distance from the car in front, detecting vehicles in front of your Toyota and determining the correct speed that you should be driving at. Largely focusing on the distance between you and other vehicles, for the safest driving experience, ACC uses a forward-facing camera and millimetre-wave radar to understand the lane merges made by other drivers, adapting as appropriate.


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