New Suzuki Vitara

Built to excite. The world is your playground.

The Suzuki Vitara built to excite, designed to thrill, and waiting for you to rediscover a new way to play.

With its strong SUV styling, the Vitara has the bold good looks to stand out on the streets and fit in on toughest of conditions.

But we didn’t stop there, because it’s also got the powerful performance to match its rugged design.

That’s thanks to our efficient Boosterjet turbocharged engine, which when combined with the ALLGRIP 4-wheel Drive system, gives the Vitara the power to adapt to any challenge it meets. It really is made for adventure.

Limitations. They’re not really fun, are they?

Well at Suzuki, we don’t believe in them.

That’s why we’ve developed our unique ALLGRIP 4-wheel Drive system*. With ALLGRIP, you can truly take control of the road, adapting to any condition, whether it’s rain, snow or rough terrain.

So the only limitation you have when you’re driving the Vitara is your own imagination.

Orange Suzuki Vitara
Suzuki Vitara Rear Exterior
Suzuki Vitara Speedometer
Suzuki Vitara Side View


Vitara is no exception.

Dual Sensor Brake Support: When moving the Vitara uses two sensors - a monocular camera and a laser sensor to determine if there is risk of collision with a forward vehicle or pedestrian.

Lane Departure Warning: At 60km/h or faster, the lane departure warning function is designed to predict the path of the vehicle and issue visual (display and indicator) and tactile (vibrating steering wheel) warning to the driver.

Lane Departure Prevention: At speeds between 60 and 160 km/h, the lane is recognised via a monocular camera incorporated into the windshield design. When interpreting that the lane departure is likely to occur, the car is automatically assists the driver in returning the vehicle back into its lane.

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