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All-New Fiat E- Ducato

100% Electric. 100% Ducato.

A major step forward in innovation and technology from its previous ancestors- An appointment worth making. Ready for a test drive. Only at Donnelly Fiat Van Centre, Mallusk.

At Donnelly Fiat Van Centre Mallusk

For over 40 years, we have been repaying our customer's trust with reliability, dedication, and an offering of thousands of available versions. Your mission becomes our mission whether you are transporting goods, people or if you have specific requirements. The All-New Fiat E- Ducato is now available at Donnelly Fiat Mallusk. Come see what the fuss is about.

An electric commercial vehicle ready for every mission

Fit for mission is more than an idea, it’s the Fiat Professional philosophy. That’s the reason why the new E-Ducato electric van is ready to work no matter the business.

educato fiat electric van commercial

UP TO 223 miles^ (370KM) RANGE

Choose between two battery configurations: three modules with 47kWh for a range of 142 miles†^ (235 km) or five modules with 79kWh and 223 miles†^ (370 km).


The new E-Ducato electric van has four different charging options with a smart-charge plug that fits both AC and DC charging configurations.


A unique feature characterises the parallel batteries’ architecture which allows the vehicle to continue its journey even with a module failure.


Enjoy the economic benefits and accessibility advantages dedicated to electric commercial vehicles in city centres with low emission zones.

educato fiat electric van commercial


Offers additional comfort with smart features like the ability to precondition the vehicle to decrease the air conditioning’s impact on the battery, and schedule daily charging to take advantage of lower energy costs.


The driver can choose the appropriate drive mode to meet their journey requirements, saving travelling range by optimising performances: Normal, optimal balance between performance and economy, ECO for longer distances and Power for heavy usage.


When the charge level reaches near-to 0% visually, the new E-Ducato alerts the driver and activates a specific driving mode with strongly reduced performance to extend the remaining range.


A unique feature that characterises the parallel batteries’ architecture: it allows the vehicle to continue its journey even with a module failure.


The E-Braking provides a vehicle deceleration without brake pedal action; in this mode, the e-motor is providing negative torque, to recharge the battery.​

educato fiat electric van commercial

MOPAR® CONNECT: Mopar® Connect is the perfect solution not only to plan your E-Ducato charges, but also to keep control of your whole fleet, letting you follow each journey or assist with any problem you may encounter, to keep you on the road, all via a smartphone.

My:Assistant: 24 hours support with Mopar® Assistance for incidents, mechanical problems or fleet theft.

My:Remote: You can control your new E-Ducato from your smartphone. Don’t remember if you locked the doors? You can lock or unlock it using the Uconnect™ LIVE app. You can also find it easily in a crowded car park or keep your eyes on your electric van if you are not the driver.

My:Car: my:Car by Mopar® Connect can provide you with updated information about your vehicle. Through the Uconnect LIVE app you can remotely view the battery level or tyre pressure to deal with every trip safely.

My:Journey: my: Journey is the new service included in Mopar® Connect that allows you to view and manage your movements through the app. Turn every itinerary on your electric van into a travel experience assisted by dates, maps and personal notes.

My:eCharge: my:eCharge is the complete solution to recharge your E-Ducato. Through the use of dedicated features and mobile apps, it allows you to find, use, pay and track top-ups at public or domestic charging stations.

My Fleet Manager: My Fleet Manager is an innovative solution to manage your fleet, developed in cooperation with Targa Telematics. Thanks to its intuitive interface, with remote accessibility, you can have total control over activities, service status, maintenance and assistance for each vehicle.

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