Fiat Ducato Named Fleet Van Of The Year at Motor Transport Awards 2017

The trusty Fiat Ducato success and popularity continues to grow, after it was named Fleet Van of the Year in the Motor Transport Awards 2017. The motor transport are judged by a broad panel of experts in the industry, who commented on the excellent chassis of the Ducato, which is becoming widely recognised for its outstanding durability, flexibility and payload.

The Fiat Ducato Goods Transport van offers the classic styling synonymous with Fiat alongside incredible storage capacity, access and practicality. Safety, stability and efficiency have all been kept integral to the Fiat Ducato exterior design. LED day run lights are integrated into the main light assembly, seamlessly blending together resulting in 40% more light whilst requiring a lower energy and fuel consumption. The front grille provides a sense of strength and power thanks to its wider and larger size. Due to its increased size, more air flow can make its way into the engine as well as offering better access to the engine bay whilst still being rugged and straight forward to replace.


Fiat Professional have developed an alternative engine technology to meet new Euro 6 regulations unlike most other manufacturers. The new engines have a higher peak torque on 150hp (from 350 to 380 Nm) New Euro 6 regulations require the addition of an AdBlue to new vans which can add up to 40KG to the total weight of the van. However Fiat's alternative technology does not require the addition of a AdBlue tank, this weight advantage helps Fiat vans achieve a higher payload and lower fuel consumption compared to Euro 5 engines. Not only this, but you can also benefit from lower maintenance costs. Euro 6 engines which contain an AdBlue tank require regular maintenance to top up the fluid, however this is not required with Euro 6 Fiat engines, saving you money and letting you get on with the job in hand.

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Grey Fiat Ducato Exterior
Fiat Ducato Steering Wheel

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