The all-new PEUGEOT Expert offers customers a compelling and competitive product range with exceptional capabilities and efficiencies, an attractive character with the latest Brand identity and a robust and modern design.

Built on a brand-new vehicle platform, it benefits from all the advantages of the Efficient Modular Platform 2 (EMP2): exhibiting compactness, weight reduction, versatility and combines the most efficient engine options - achieving as little as 133g/km of CO2, as well as highest build quality. It introduces innovative features to the segment such as hands-free sliding side doors, the modularity of the cab with ‘Moduwork’, Active Safety Brake system, rear-view camera with VisioPark and connected 3D navigation.

The new PEUGEOT Expert can carry a maximum load of 1400kg and is available in three body lengths, from the new ‘Compact’ version at just 4.60m up to 5.30m. It is a vehicle also particularly well suited to urban journeys, with a maximum height of just 1.90m.

The new PEUGEOT Expert is a generation ahead - in every way.

Its first worldwide show debut will be in Birmingham at the NEC Commercial Vehicle Show on 26th April, with the Press reveal being held at the 09.30 in Hall 5 on the Peugeot stand.

“Our ambition with the new PEUGEOT Expert is to attract new customers. Its innovative designoffers differentiating services and embodies a new aspect of PEUGEOT's high-end strategy in theutility vehicles sector”, said: Maxime Picat, PEUGEOT Brand CEO."

New PEUGEOT Expert – in detail

The new PEUGEOT Expert is designed to respond to a variety of different uses and the search for efficiency by business professionals. The new PEUGEOT combines compact external dimensions with the maximum load capacities which are so vital in this segment.

Available in three body lengths and with two or three seats in the front, the PEUGEOT Expert offers up to 6.6m3of carrying space and up to 1400kg of load weight with a potential length of 4m([1]). The Standard and Long versions, at 4.95m and 5.30m, are designed for the core market. The Compact 4.60m version, unique in the segment, allows loads of up to 5.1m3 and 1400kg, with a useful length of 3.32m(1). Its reduced dimensions and overhang allow the new PEUGEOT Expert to offer great manoeuvrability, particularly popular with business professionals working in urban areas on a daily basis. Its reduced height of 1.90m ([2]), guarantees the new PEUGEOT Expert access to all car parks.

The new PEUGEOT Expert adopts modern and efficient Euro 6 BlueHDi engine options from 95hp / 210Nm to 180hp / 400Nm mostly equipped with Stop&Start technology. They offer excellent driving comfort and offer record fuel economy/CO2 emissions for the segment. The new BlueHDi 180 EAT6 gearbox and the BlueHDi 95 ETG6 electronic automated gearbox, frees up extra legroom for the middle passenger. The most efficient version, at 55.3mpg, i.e. CO2 at 133g/km, and the entire PEUGEOT Expert range, with 52.3mpg, i.e. CO2 at 140g/km on average, are best-in-class.

For business professionals' efficiency, comfort and safety, the new PEUGEOT Expert offers a number of latest generation features that are rare or exclusive in the segment, particularly:

  • The hands-free sliding side doors are unprecedented in the market;
  • The advanced modularity of the passenger space with Moduwork, the head-up display and sign reading system with speed limiter recommendation are also unique in the segment;
  • The Active Safety Brake and automatic switching to main beam lamps, are rare in the segment;
  • For the first time ever, one of the brand's vehicles is equipped with new voice-control connected 3D navigation and real-time traffic information, VisioPark 1 reversing camera with 180° overhead rear view and rear view zoom and Driver Attention Alert.

To respond to business needs, the PEUGEOT Expert is available in the following versions:

  • Crew vans - with five or six fixed or fold-up seats;
  • Platform cab - as a conversion base;
  • Combi - as a people-carrier with up to nine seats.

A new platform to enhance efficiency

“The EMP2 platform, tailored to the constraints of a utility vehicle, again demonstrates itsefficiency and modularity with the PEUGEOT Expert”, says: Rémi Seimpere, PEUGEOT ExpertChief Engineer.

Record low fuel consumption and lower running costs

The combining the benefits of the EMP2 architecture at the front with a bespoke LCV rear platform, permitting an optimised centre-to-centre distance inside with an ideal maximum roof height, also enable the integration of the very latest 1.6 L and 2.0 L BlueHDi engines. The main elements of their environment, whose build quality and performance have already been proven, are also improved with the location of air supply, exhaust downpipe routing and electrical architecture.

Its new platform makes it possible to achieve weight savings of between 100kg and 150kg, depending on the engine options, compared with the last generation PEUGEOT Expert. The combination of this platform with BlueHDi engine allows the PEUGEOT Expert to achieve record fuel economy levels:

  • 1.6 L BlueHDi 95hp, 5-speed manual gearbox from 51.3mpg, i.e. CO2 at 144g/km;
  • 1.6 L BlueHDi 95hp S&S, ETG6 controlled gearbox from 54.3mpg, i.e. CO2 at 135g/km;
  • 1.6 L BlueHDi 115hp S&S, 6-speed manual gearbox from 55.3mpg, i.e. CO2 at 133g/km;
  • 2.0 L BlueHDi 120hp, 6-speed manual gearbox from 53.2mpg, i.e. CO2 at 144g/km;
  • 2.0 L BlueHDi 150hp S&S, 6-speed manual gearbox from 53.2mpg, i.e. CO2 at 139g/km;
  • 2.0L BlueHDi 180hp S&S, EAT6 automatic gearbox from 46.3mpg, i.e. CO2 at 151g/km.