Donnelly SEAT Green Vehicles

Protecting the environment is a concern for many people. To talk about it may be an easy task, but to actually implement responsible and consistent practices involves much more than a simple aspiration.

At Donnelly SEAT we are proud to offer a comprehensive an innovative approach that combines safeguarding our environment and the pleasure of driving out vehicles. Discover our range and book a test drive to enjoy the road with less emission and more emotions.

Discover now our range, compare and calculate how much you can save with an Ecomotive car and book a test drive to enjoy the road with fewer emissions and more emotions.

Ecomotive technology features

Our Ecomotive version has technological features created to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. When the car is stopped, put into neutral gear and the clutch is disengaged, the Start & Stop System turns the engine off. Engage the clutch again and the engine turns on.

The Brake Energy Recovery system collects the energy usually lost during the braking and restores it for starting up or accelerating. Instead of being wasted, this energy allows fuel savings and CO2 cuttings.

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