Extra of everything, including peace of mind.

The moment you fasten the seatbelt of your new Toyota, even if you’re not the first owner, you're also able to benefit from one of the most comprehensive warranties offered by any car manufacturer.

Donnelly & Taggart Toyota Manufacturers equivalent 2 year Extended Warranty from as little as £23.40 per month!

You can take out a Toyota Extended Warranty on any new, approved used or used Toyota.

So however you've chosen to purchase your car, you can enjoy the same level of warranty protection as you would on a new Toyota.

In order to maintain your extended warranty

You must have your vehicle serviced and inspected by a Toyota Dealer or Service Outlet at least once a year (or more frequently for high mileage drivers) in accordance with the recommended service schedule.

To find out more please fill in the enquiry form or call our Aftersales Team:

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