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New Renault Zoe in Ballymena & Eglinton​

Efficiency, eco-friendliness and innovation are the hallmarks of the Renault Zoe – a futuristic electric car that saw 60 design and technology patents filed during its creation.

Renault Zoe Design

The Zoe’s striking looks reflect its environmental influences: the blue Renault diamond at the front echoes the colour of the sky and the sea, while the light grey dashboard inside is designed to look like the blade of a wind-turbine. Nine percent of the car is made from recycled plastic, and 85 percent of its materials can be recycled at the end of its life. And it’s not only eco-friendly but wallet-friendly too – the Zoe’s about 20 percent cheaper to maintain than a conventional car.


Inside the Zoe you’ll find the Renault R-Link, a voice-activated mini-computer with a touch-screen on which you can do almost anything - check your emails, make phone calls, get the weather forecast, play games, view photos and videos, and connect your MP3 player.

It also includes a sat nav, which doesn’t just get you where you want to go, but finds the most energy-efficient route - and lets you know if you’ve enough power to get there. If you need to top up your battery, it’ll tell you where the nearest charger is – and, in some models, can even let you know whether it’s in use.


The Zoe is safe, too – EuroNCAP gave it five stars for crash safety - and spacious, with five seats and a 358-litre boot. It’s also very quiet, thanks to the electric engine - which also doesn’t generate heat, so the temperature in the car is down to you. In fact, the Zoe’s such a futuristic car that you can even interact with it when you’re not inside.

Not only can you arrange to receive a text when the battery gets low, you can programme the temperature inside the car from your computer or smartphone as well as from the R-Link. There’s no need to shiver in a freezing cold car on a chilly winter’s morning any more - just set the timer and have the car all warmed up ready for you by the time you get in.

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