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The Pick-Up Truck Perfected...

For years Mitsubishi Motors have been setting the bar for pick-up trucks in the UK and with the launch of the L200 Series 5 we’ve created the ultimate evolution of the market’s best ever pick-up. The all-new L200 Series 5 has arrived. With best in class features across the board, it's the most accomplished pick-up truck Mitsubishi have ever created.

The L200 Series 5 also contains plenty of muscle under the hood. Its newly designed lightweight low-friction diesel engine means that it’ll always have the edge over competitors.

Simply the best pick upon the market...

Explore and compare spec across the L200 range to find the right model for you, from the 4Life to the Barbarian.

Whether you need a dedicated workhorse or an off-roader that can handle any terrain, the L200 is yours to command.

With best in class load capacity and our state of the art super select 4WD system, the L200 is equipped for anything.

The L200 178 BHP Diesel Engine provides the power to tackle any type of terrain is at your fingertips. Packing plenty of torque and the sublimely capable Super-Select 4WD system, the L200 offers tremendous performance on and off the road. Available on Titan, Warrior and Barbarian.

Drive your own way with incredible features across the range...

It's no surprise L200 is the What Car? Pick-UP of the Year 2018...

Intelligent 4WD Ability
Super Select 4WD gives the L200 complete control in any environment. Use 2WD on tarmac to save fuel, and switch to 4WD to tackle harsh conditions and tough terrain.

Impressive Fuel Economy
Capable of over 650 miles on a single tank of fuel, the L200 Series 5 take you farther than ever before with a brand new MIVEC diesel engine that doesn't sacrifice power or efficieny.

Incredible Manoeuvrability
With a turning radius of just 5.9 metres, improved steering ratio and a brand new MIVEC engine, the L200 Series 5 is the most dynamic driving pick-up truck on the market.

OutstandingTotal Load Capacity
The L200 Series 5 has a total load capacity of 4,090kg and is equipped with Trailer Stability Assist making towing safer than ever.

Mitsubishi L200

Personalise your L200

With the full range of L200 Accessories...

Explore the range of official Mitsubishi accessories available for the L200. From protection and styling, to roof carriers and tow bars.

We offer a range of electric and static tow-bars for all your towing needs.

Hard Tops
Protect and expand the usefulness of your load bed with a range of options

Load Area Accessories
Tailor your load bed for exactly what you need it to do.

Touring and Leisure
Your L200 can take you anywhere, so why not equip it to carry anything you want.

Mitsubishi L200 Wheel
Mitsubishi L200 Boot Capacity
Mitsubishi L200 Rear
Black Mitsubishi L200 Rear
CV OTR Price
4Life Single Cab Diesel Manual 4WD
4Life Club Cab Diesel Manual 4WD
4Life Double Cab Diesel Manual 4WD
Titan Double Cab Diesel Manual 4WD
Warrior Double Cab Diesel Manual 4WD (Leather)
Barbarian Double Cab Diesel Manual 4WD (Leather)
Warrior Double Cab Diesel Auto 4WD (Leather)
Barbarian Double Cab Diesel Auto 4WD (Leather)
Barbarian Black Double Cab Diesel Manual 4WD (Leather)
Barbarian Black Double Cab Diesel Auto 4WD (Leather)
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