Reach new heights and move any mountain with the new Mitsubishi Shogun Sport’s a proper off-roader that rides head and shoulders above pretty much everything else on the road and this seven-seater load-lugger that will ferry you over rough terrain with ease while towing up to a 3.1 tonne load

WHEN is a SUV not a SUV — when it’s the new Mitsubishi Shogun Sport. Mitsubishi would have you believe this road-going monster is a luxury SUV and if you believe them then you might be disappointed.

But if like me you see it as a mountain rescue vehicle, an arctic explorer, or seven-seater load-lugger that will ferry you over rough terrain with ease while towing up to a 3.1tonne load, then you will start to see this beast of a machine for what it really is. It’s a proper off-roader that rides head and shoulders above pretty much everything else on the road.

So much so, there’s a grab handle and side step to help you climb on-board and you need to be careful jumping out as the drop could put your back out. This second generation model is a handsome looking beast, it boasts a muscular body and chunky wheel arches but up front it features Mitsubishi’s new Dynamic Shield grill and there’s plenty of chrome trim for some added blink.

And it looks even better from the back with sweeping LED lights, the rear angles up for a 24° departure angle and up front it’s even greater with 30°. Plus there’s 218mm of ground clearance and the Sport has a wading depth of 700mm. The key to it’s awesome off-rood ability is Mitsubishi’s famous super select 4WD-II system that allows you to switch from 2WD to 4WD at speeds up to 60mph.

Plus there’s a rear diff lock for when the going gets really tough and you have four driving modes that will cover you for all terrains and any weather. Power comes from a 2.4-litre MIVEC turbo diesel, that produces 181bhp with 430Nm of torque.

It’s not overly fast, 0-62mph takes 11seconds with a 112mph top speed but it pulls like a freight train and with a 3.1-tonne towing capacity it could easily tow a freight train too.

Plus you can carry 80kg on the roof, it’s got a 600kg payload, a 131-litre boot when all seven seats are in use, 502-litres with the middle row down and a total cargo volume of 1,488-litres.

For a machine that can climb any mountain as well as move one, the suspension set-up has to be soft so it will move around if you’re cornering hard. But you’d be surprised at how well it can haul itself down a country lane and if you do meet someone coming the other way, you can guarantee they will be the first to move out of your way.

And to make the handling sharper and more controlled, the Sport has a multi-link rear suspension set-up with comfort-tuned dampers all round, unlike the L200 pick-up that has to make do with, old-fashioned leaf springs.

It comes fully loaded with kit, heated front seats, 360° view camera, a 510watt sound system and plenty of modern safety features like adaptive cruise control, blind spot warning, forward collision mitigation. There’s ample room inside for seven adults and you can actually fit two adults in the third row of seats and getting in and out is simple, just pull a lever and the middle seat tumbles forward by itself. The front seats are like leather arm chairs, super comfy, electrically operated and heated of course, and there’s soft leather for the rest of your passengers.

Don’t forget the five-year, 62,500mile warranty and the fact you still see plenty of Mk1 Shogun Sport’s on the roads today is testament to Mitsubishi’s legendary build quality.

The Shogun Sport 3 costs £37,775 and the 4 is £39,775 but Donnelly’s are offering a customer saving of £4,000 inc Vat off the list price so that’s a monster saving on one hell of a luxury monster truck.

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