Jaguar XE

Introducing the instantly recognisable Jaguar XE, the most advanced, refined sports saloon that Jaguar has ever produced, it could only be a Jaguar.

Two Jaguar XEs
Jaguar XE Interior


Jaguar XE’s form has been rigorously optimised for aerodynamic efficiency and stability; cutting through the air, reducing fuel consumption and lowering emissions. Every element exploits the exterior’s maximum aerodynamic potential while preserving XE’s stunning proportions.

The sculpted bonnet sweeps back from distinctive 'J' blade headlights'- channelling air over and around the body and minimising air resistance. XE is crouching, ready to pounce.

One glance at XE’s taut rear haunches, and perfectly proportioned overhang. Only Jaguar, who have been at the forefront of aluminium car construction for more than a decade, has the technology and expertise to create those sharp creases.


Focused, precise and beautifully crafted. The Jaguar XE is an inspired place for driver and passenger.

Connect with Jaguar XE the moment you slide into the form-hugging seats. Sitting low next to the raised centre console adds
 to the cockpit feel with every control at your finger tips, while the stepped facia elegantly sweeps away.

Pulsing with a heartbeat, XE’s Start button creates an emotional connection between you and your car. Its 72 per minute double beat is the same as a jaguar cat at rest. Press the Start button and XE awakes, the needles sweep, the engine growls. On cars with Automatic transmissions, the Jaguar Drive Control rises to greet your hand