Jaguar F-TYPE

The stunning Jaguar F-Type range, available in coupe and convertible, delivers pure driving pleasure, with breathtaking performance and advanced technology to suit the demands of the road, and the conditions and the driver. The F-TYPE is the most dynamically capable, focused sports car that Jaguar has ever produced. Manual or automatic, Rear Wheel Drive or All Wheel Drive, offer something for every style.

It is easy to make your F-TYPE uniquely yours. With a wide selection of body, roof colours, wheels and personal interior styling. And with Jaguar's outstanding collection if opinions style packs and accessories, the F-Type is flexible to your needs. The extremely comfortable Sports Seats with grained leather and suede cloth facing and centre console with a Knurled Aluminium finish.

White Jaguar F-Type
White Jaguar F-Type Rear
Silver Jaguar F-Type
Silver Jaguar F-Type Rear View


The F-TYPE's leaves an unmistakable presence, with it's striking looks. It's powerful shape and beautiful proportions reveals its breeding, the latest in Jaguar's iconic bloodline of high-performance sports cars. The Aerodynamic performance is seamlessly integrated into the body, allowing low levels of lift and outstanding stability at high speed, whatever speed you are going the adaptive LED headlights adjust their beam, guaranteeing the best illumination possible. Sleek choice of alloy wheels accentuate the dynamic appearance.


The F-TYPE fits every lifestyle, with 308 litres of load space for ease of access. The tailgate can be opened or closed with the switch of a button, with the optional powered function. Lightweight seats sport and performance seats have been engineered with a sports car in mind, saving over 8kg* of weight in compassion to previous models. The interiors comes to life with the push of the button. Configuration lighting adds a greater opportunity for personalisation with a choice of different colours to suit your mood or style.

Jaguar F-Type Interior
Jaguar F-Type Interior Front View
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